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At The Pub This Week

The Week of March 23rd

Monday, March 23rd

The Pub Reopens from Spring Break

The Pub welcomes back all of our patrons as we reopen after being taking some time off to fly off to exotic locations for Spring Break!

Tuesday, March 24th

Pub Trivia @ 8:30pm

Test out your knowledge in the toughest Bar Trivia in Fairbanks. Make a team or play solo and get a chance to win some great prizes!

$5 a team and leave those electronic cheating devices at home or be shamed by the trivia master.

Wednesday, March 25th

Hump Day Specials on Beer and NOW Wine!!!!!

The week is almost halfway done and we want to help you make it a little more bearable with some great deals on both draft and can beers. As always make sure to follow the Pub on Twitter as we will be posting the beers we will have on special! 

Thursday, March 26th

Black Flowers, Black Sun / Peligro

This Thursday the Pub is excited to bring back two bands that have not played the Pub in over a year. It will be a night featuring the alternative rock style of Peligro and the dirty blues of Black Flowers/BlackSun from Bend, Oregon. Here is a review of Greg Bryce, the man behind BlackFLowers/BlackSun.

“Bryce — who I'd seen before, but solo and probably five years ago — is a fun character, a part-time Bend resident who goes up to Alaska each summer to fight fires. He's also a hardcore blues fan who grew up on the raw power of Detroit's punk/rock scene before discovering ancient bluesmen like Fred McDowell and Son House. On this night, Blackflowers Blacksun was a trio, rounded out by Randy Rooker on drums and Andy Coman on lap-steel g uitar. Their formation — all seated, in a triangle — invited the audience to move in closer, forming a tight circle around the band. I wonder if the folks up front went home with singed eyebrows. Blackflowers Blacksun's take on the blues has no place in a world of Jonny Langs or even The Black Keys. This is low-down, dirty blues, rooted in an acoustic tradition but punked up by the power of electricity and Bryce's ragged howl. It's an inviting combo to anyone with an adventurous ear, especially in a town like Bend where bands like Hillstomp and Sas”

— Ben Solomon, Bend Bullitin

Friday, March 27th

!!!DOUBLE Danger!!!! 7pm

ĦĦĦinteractive experimental party punk performance art!!!
prepare for your brain and your mind to be multiplied by the power of two in an incredibly fun musical community event you don't want to miss! bring your babies, hand-made puppets, portable acoustic instruments, grandmother, and wacky costumes for a musical parade through the wood center from 7 - 8 pm. If you are over 21, come into the pub after the pupperade and view the art show made up of Nick Meurlott's avant-garde dada-inspired naive-expressionist paintings. interact with the functional sculpture made of obsolete technology! marvel as chad file and matt roberts tackle a two headed drum set from both sides in the center of the dance floor while surrounded by friends dancing and playing a multitude of symmetrical instrument pairings. have two drinks and stick around for the late night double DJ set of audio/visual beauty with VHS/cassette projections and amplifications alongside visual improv + internet art by local artists philip glowa and harrison carpenter.

Saturday, March 28th

Hobo Knife & Friends @ 9pm

The boys of Hobo Knife, Chuck, Brad, and Isaac, are getting ready to rock the Pub this Saturday, March 28th. They are also bringing along some friends to play a set during the night as well. Check this page as we hint at who these special guests will be as we get closer to the show!!!!!