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Updates to the database for Spring 2014 are due Monday, February 10th by 5pm

We've broken the Student Organizations Registration Process down into three easy steps:

1) Update your org info online (see instructions below)

2) Complete an Account Signers Form. (Required once a year.)

3) Have an officer attend an Officer Training once a semester. A training schedule is available online or contact us for a private session. 

LOG IN to the Student Organizations Database (UA LEAD) to access your organization and/or update new info. If you are a new/forming organization please contact the LIVE Office. 

If you can't log in, contact the Stu Orgs office to be added as a user on the database--send your UA username to or call us at 474-1959.

Student Organizations Officer Training

Picture and link for Student Organization officer training
Click the picture to register your club

All UAF Student Organizations are required to send at least one member to an officer training once per semester. Organizations are strongly encouraged to send a member who has not previously attended a training.

Organizations are welcome to bring more than one officer. Information presented will be the same at both training sessions.

Training will be offered:

Thursday, February 6th at 7pm in the Wood Center Ballroom
& Saturday, February 8th at 2pm in the Gruening 208

Both events will be catered.

Click the picture above or click here to register your organization.

If you have any questions please drop in and see us in Wood Center, email Jared Conard at, or call 474-1959.

Online Registration Instructions

1)       Log in to the Student Organizations Database (UA LEAD)using your UA username and password. (your blackboard access)

2)       Click “update student organization record.”

3)       Enter new information. Click “Update” frequently. The following fields MUST be completed:

  • Club name, description, e-mail address, website, and meeting time and place (this info is automatically published to the Active Student Organizations webpage and is a great reference and recruitment tool for your org)
  • Officer names, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses
  • Reservationist names
  • Advisor name, contact info
  • Review and update constitution--MUST include the following "membership clause" exactly as printed here: Membership selection is open to everyone without regard to race, creed, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender, age, disability, status as a Vietnam era or disabled veteran, marital status, changes in marital status, pregnancy or parenthood pursuant to applicable state and federal laws.

4)       Click “Update” at the bottom of the record.

5)       Click “Access Menu” on the left.

6)       Choose your student organization again.

7)       Click “Submit Student Organization Record for Approval.”

8)       Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Submit" again.

9)     You will be notified via email whether you have been approved or need to add further information.


Helpful Hints for Using the Online Database:

  • New student organizations should contact the Student Organizations Resource Center at 474-1959 or for information about additional steps necessary to become an active student organization.
  • Grey fields will be filled in by the LIVE Program Office.
  • Be sure to hit "update" whenever you are making changes to your record or you will lose the latest version.
  • Every organization must update their record each fall (by October 1) in order to secure meeting space and be considered for Club Council and Community Contributions.





Additional Notes


Preferred Name

How is your group commonly referred to?

This field may or may not match the System Name field.


An account that is REGULARLY checked.

Potential new members have no other way to contact the club--follow these leads!


List your official student organization website.



Select one of the categories from the drop down menu.

At this time, your group is limited to one category.


Select one of the categories from the drop down menu.

At this time, your group is limited to one category.

National Affiliation

If your group is nationally affiliated, please fill in that information here.




Would you like to have a Wood Center mailbox?

Select yes or no.

Please check your box frequently.

Account Number

Enter your university account code here.

Please call 474-5755 if you are uncertain of your account number.

Membership Dues

Enter the total amount charged to your members for dues.




Weekly Meeting Information

Provide your weekly or most regular meeting time and day(s) in the format shown.

This info automatically updates on our webpage.

Meeting Location

Provide your weekly or most regular meeting location.

This info automatically updates on our webpage.


Attach a picture or logo of your student organization in action.

We would like to use these pictures to help advertise your student organization.


Provide a detailed description of the mission and/or major activities of your organization.

This information will be included in all listings of your student organization.


Attach the most recent copy of your student organization constitution and by-laws.

Remember that constitutions and by-laws need to be updated every three years.


Click “edit officers” and add at least your president/primary officer and treasurer; all other officer positions are optional.

You must include e-mail and phone information for each officer.


Click “edit reservationists” to add at least two members of your student organization that you would like to grant permission to reserve space on campus for your group.




Members Total

Enter the total number of members in your student organization.

 A list of members is also helpful.


Click “edit advisors” and add your student organization advisor and his/her complete contact information.


Financial Reports


Enter all your financial transactions in this area. Note: You must manually adjust your balances.

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