Leadership, Involvement & Volunteer Experience

Party in the Park

Join us on Wednesday, Sep 2 from 1-4 p.m. at New Student Orientation's Party in the Park. 

This will be the largest outdoor gathering of student organizations in the month of September AND your chance to show-off your student organization to the incoming class of 2015.


Leadership Workshops

Each week, the LIVE office holds a Leadership Workshop. Topics focus on leadership development, specifically in regards to student organization officers.  

All workshops are held in Wood Center Conference Rooms E/F at 7pm.

Space is limited, open to any UAF students, and registration is required so we can make sure we have enough materials available.

Each workshop can count towards your COLD Leadership certificate. Not signed up for COLD? Find more about it online here or by emailing uaf-leadership@alaska.edu.

4/15 Officer Transition

The end of the semester is here and now is when your student org is at a critical point. Come to this workshop to learn how to handle leadership transition and how to execute it smoothly and effectively.


Where Are They Now?

Each month we will feature a former UAF student to see where they are and how UAF helped them get there! 

Name: Denali Critchett

What year did you graduate?
May of 2014

What is your degree?
B.S. Petroleum Engineering

What is your job title now?
I am currently a field engineer for Schlumberger. More specifically I work as a MWD (Measurements While Drilling) Engineer in their Drilling and Measurements services and am based out of Prudhoe Bay, AK. I am currently on loan working in a small county in East Texas for 2 months before 2 months of technical school in Sugarland, TX.

What were you involved in at UAF?
At UAF I was involved in New Student Orientation, the Live program, served as a student ambassador, involved in multiple engineering organizations, an active participant in intramurals and a member of the Aurora Aerial Arts Club.

What is your favorite memory from being involved at UAF?
My favorite memory at UAF was berry biking.
This activity does not necessarily come from UAF, but comes from the kind of people that UAF attracts. Students ready for adventure and free food. Berry biking consists of riding a mountain bike, or bike from the dump, on the university trail system, scanning the surrounding woods for delectable cranberries. When you see the red hue you then dismount your bike as quickly as possible, grabbing the empty ice cream tub off your bike and running into the woods as though the berries will run away. The excitement this activity brings is fantastic, so I recommend bringing your friends, because when excitement hits people don’t even remove their bike helmets. It is always a good laugh when they look around and realize that everyone else has already removed theirs. I do warn you though, if you embark on this journey to make cranberry muffins, be safe and wear your helmet, and watch out for wildlife lingering the woods looking for tasty snacks as well!

How has involvement at UAF helped you in your post grad adventures?
My involvement at UAF really helped me talk to anyone I meet and not be afraid to try something new. It helped me learn how to balance different aspects of my life and showed me how much I really enjoy constantly learning new things. Now I know that if I am not challenged and learning new things in a job, it is not the job for me. Like with classes, those challenging teachers and classes that seem to drive me crazy are the ones that are actually helping me in my career now. 

If I could give a UAF Freshman one piece of advice it would be to always be involved, since even if your friends aren’t doing it with you, you are bound to make new friends and make connections. Being involved in one activity can lead to you learning about other great opportunities too, or simply having enough people to make an intramural sports team.

Go-to college food should never be COOKIES. When you have an apartment with 4 people, and the most common way to procrastinate is making cookies, it’s not the healthiest lifestyle choice. Yes cookies and dough are delicious and might bring you are your roommate’s closer, but make sure you go to the gym at least once per batch of cookies (roommates included)

About LIVE

UAF LIVE consists of the Leadership Development, Student Organizations, and Volunteer Programs.

We are located in the Wood Center and offer a rich variety of opportunities for you to get involved at UAF, develop your leadership skills and style, meet new people, and be of service in our community and beyond.

Co-Curricular Opportunities for Leadership Development (COLD Certificate)

Upcoming Events

For more information about an individual event, please contact us at: 474-1170 or stop by our office in the Wood Center.

Please Note

The authorized use of university space by an organization does not imply endorsement by the university of the organization, or its views, goals or objectives.  Rather, it reflects the university's commitment to a campus environment supportive of free expression through reasoned discourse, or, in some cases, merely a rental of space at standard rates.

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