Irene Fisher

Irene Fisher

Irene Fisher at Yukon Quest Vet Check

Hometown: Fairbanks (Ester), AK
Graduation Year: 2021
Passion: Immunology/Oncology

What made you decide to become a veterinarian?
I wanted a profession that could include my love for animals, science, and problem solving so being a veterinarian was a natural fit. I like the idea of never being done learning and also the many opportunities a DVM can give you, from research to working in rural clinics.

Where do you think you'll go once you've got your DVM?
I am planning to find a fast pace, high volume clinic to work at for a few years then come back to Fairbanks to serve the interior. I want to work with an emphasis on small animal immunology and oncology.

You helped out with the Yukon Quest this year, what was that like? Any favorite mushers?
It's always so much fun to work with sled dogs, they are such great athletes with great energy! On top of all the wonderful experience handling and examining so many dogs, it is a good opportunity to help out and meet mushers as well as other members of our local veterinary community. I am rooting for all the mushers to do well and have their dogs make it to the finish line happy and healthy!

What advice do you have for people who are interested in the UAF/CSU 2+2 DVM program?
I would say to go for it. This program has been amazing! We have so many unique opportunities being here in Alaska and because of our small class sizes, we get so much individual attention from our amazing professors.

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