URSA Awards

Apply now! URSA funding opportunities now open.

ITE (Innovative Technology and Education Award Opportunity) - closing soon!

UAF undergraduate and graduate students, faculty and staff are invited to apply for for an URSA ITE award of up to $10,000 for technology-related equipment and/or software associated with student-based instruction and/or research. Any UAF student in good academic standing, staff. or faculty member is eligible to apply. Funds must be spent by June 30, 2015.

The application deadline is March 13, 2015.

Click on this link to download a copy of the ITE Request for Proposals.

Click on this link for the ITE Award Application.

Applications must submitted online by March 13, 2015. Award winners will be notified by email and announced on this website by March 31, 2015.

Fall Student Project Award - now open!

UAF undergraduate students are invited to apply for for one of ten URSA Fall Project awards of up to $2,500 to fund student salary, stipend, travel, services, tuition and/or supplies. Any undergraduate student with good academic standing (GPA 2.0 or above) and a commitment from a faculty mentor is eligible for funding.

The application deadline is June 26, 2015.

Click on this link to download a copy of the URSA Fall Project Award RFP.

Click on this link for the URSA Fall Project Award application.

Applications must submitted online by June 26, 2015. Award winners will be notified by email and announced on this website by July 17, 2015.

URSA Award Dates

See the URSA Award Schedule for announcement and deadline dates for URSA's many award opportunities. Undergraduate student travel awards and project awards are offered both fall and spring semesters; summer project awards are offered each summer. Mentoring awards are offered each fall semester; mentors include faculty, post-docs and graduate students. Students are eligible to receive multiple awards from URSA while at UAF.

URSA Award Recipients

2015 SUgR Awardees: Jeremy Boynton, Alta East, Annyssa Interrante, Vanessa Miranda, McKenzie Mucha, Ruth Osborne, Ashely Swedberg, Julia Taylor, Scott Taylor, Patrick Terhune, Robert Williams.

2015 Spring Travel Awardees: Ana Fochessato, Nora Gyswyt, Uyanga Mendbayar, Jennifer Paniati, Cassidy Phillips, Jennifer Rose, Tyler Walker, Matthew Vanagel.

2015 Spring Project Awardees: Claudia Cease, Dakota Emery, Stormy Fields, McKenzie Mucha, Katherine Opp, Ruth Osborne, Megan Rourke, Mahaut Sorlin, and Brian Stillie.

2014 Fall Travel Awardees: TIffany Green, Amanda Grimes, David Jason Harris, Genevieve Johnson, Uyanga Mendbayar, Katherine Opp, Kristen Scholten, and Patrick Terhune.

2014 Fall Project Awardees: JR Ancheta, Lachlan Gillespie, Dallon Knight, Daniel Leahy, Jeanne Lewis, Uyanga Mendbayar, Russell Mitchell, Hanna Schempf, Camden Taylor, Sophia Tidler, and Michael Willis.

2014 SUgR Awardees: Shae Bowman, Lakeidra Chavis, Brittany Corbin, Kailyn Davis, Shanann Hoyos, Genevieve Johnson, Ross MacDougall, Cassidy Phillips, Jamie Rose, Kristen Scholten, and Matthew Vanagel.

2014 Spring Travel Awardees: Grace Amundsen, Isaac Bailey, Mathew Carrick, Arsh Chauhan, Mamie Davis, Ana Fochesatto, Gabrielle Johnson, Mallory Jones, Paige Pearson, Thomas Polasek, Kavelina Torres, and Kristen Whelchel.

2014 Spring Project Awardees: Sarah DeWitt, Julia Duncan, Nicole Dunham, Jason Howe, Justina Lipscomb, Crystal Lor, Joseph Miller, Alexander Morgan, Nikki Navio, Rafael Rodriguez, Patrick Terhune, and Riley Witte.

Mentoring Awardees for Academic Year 2014: Jaclyn Bergamino, Brian Edmonds, Kara Hoover, Daisy Huang, Karsten Hueffer, Anshul Pandya, Todd Radenbaugh, and Diana Wolf.

2013 Fall Travel Awardees: Karen Barnard, Kristine de Leon, Emily Garrett, Sam Herreid, Christina Howard, Azara Mohammadi, and Ethan Sinsabaugh.

2013 Fall Project Awardees: Karen Barnard, Anne Bartholomew, Ira Hardy, Mallory Jones, Sarah Marschall, Jessica McLaughlin, Nikki Navio, Jonathan Quinones, John Scott, Katie Shink, Mackenzie Stamey, Matthew Vanagel, and Tegan White-Nesbitt:

2013 SUgR Awards: JR Ancheta, Caroline Aubry-Wake, Michael Courtney, Sam Herreid, Christina Howard, Jon McMahon, Evan Mathers, Jonathan Nations, Catherine Ryne Olson, Adam Taylor and Daniela Wilner.

2013 Spring Project Awardees: Lauren Bailey, Anne Bartholomew, Pascale Clerc, Heather Currey, Kailyn Davis, Christy Howard, John Scott, Ashley Strauch, Ariadne Wattum, Ian Wilkinson, and Bennett Wong.

Travel Awardees for Academic Year 2013: Joshua Barry, Alexander Bertram, Blake Bogart, Jacqueline Eisenberg, Samantha Enters, Mark Evans, Elizabeth Goldsmith, Tiffany Green, Steven Hall, Kayla Harrison, Bryant Hopkins, Skyler Hunter, Mindona Krzykowski, Alexander Legrismith, Ann Lewis, Patricia McCall, Jonathan Nations, Simon Ortega, Helen Shepard, Adrienne Smyth, Ashley Strauch, Brittany Van Sickle, Daniela Wilner, and Jenny York.

Mentoring Awardees for Academic Year 2013: Matthew Balazs (Geophysical Institute), Jeff Benowitz (Geophysical Institute), Claudia Ihl (Northwest Campus), Gary Laursen (Honors Program), Andres Lopez (School of Fisheries & Ocean Sciences), Alexei Rybkin (College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics) and Elena Vayndorf (Institute of Arctic Biology).

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