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  • At the set time for this session (see below) all presenting students will activate their respective Zoom meeting. 
    The idea is that our attendees will have a chance to peruse the poster and video links for each student(s), and join their choice of Zoom meetings to discuss the project with the students and ask questions.
    Attendees are expected to "travel" to and from various Zoom meetings during this session, just as they would during an in-person poster session.

  • Join on a laptop, not a phone or tablet.
    It will make the experience better for you and everyone else.

  • Please arrive on time.
    Just like an in-person event, it’s hard to insert someone in the middle of a session. 

  • Download and use the Zoom (desktop) app
    If you are part of the university, please log into your university Zoom account at

  • We are hoping for an interactive experience so you'll be using your mic and during the poster sessions, your camera. Don't call in on a phone; use your computer's audio. You are part of that interactive experience!

Instructions how to raise the resolution of the videos:

  • Hit play.
  • In the lower right corner, select  SETTINGS button (second icon from the left).
  • Select the QUALITY option.
  • Select a higher resolution (720pp or 1080pp).

URSA Coordinator Marie Olesen and OIT UA Video Conferencing team member Jerry Dragon will be available at the help desk.

Participating students and attendees having technical issues during the event can contact URSA Staff and OIT any time during the event. 

This meeting will start 30 min prior to the start of each session, giving you a chance to reach us and get support should they have issues starting their Zoom meeting.



WEDNESDAY APRIL 7, 2021    |    3:00 - 4:30 PM

 Zoom Link​

Presenter Title Poster Pre-recorded presentation* Zoom Meeting Links Zoom Password
Ocean water and blue mussel (Mytilus edulis; yaak*) samples create baseline for climate change and pollution indicators and strengthen data sovereignty for the Tlingit community of Kake, Alaska Poster Video Presentation Link Zoom Link   t92Ymb


Effects of Salinity and Minerals on Zooplankton Abundance and Structure in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska Poster Video Presentation Link Zoom Link  853046
The influence of acclimation temperatures on the mRNA expression driving thermotolerance in Broad Whitefish Coregonus nasus Poster Video Presentation Link Zoom Link  KS9W5D
Differences in stable isotope signatures between Chukchi Sea and Southern Beaufort Sea polar bears Poster

Video Presentation Link

*Google Slide, must be downloaded to play.

Zoom Link  VV9MC2


Differences in Isotopic Signatures Among Arctic Grayling in the Yukon River Watershed Poster Video Presentation Link Zoom Link  Grayling



 Histological analyses of male lingcod reproductive tissues in Prince William Sound Poster Video Presentation Link Zoom Link  y1MVC7


Analysis of the Cripple Creek Restoration Project: Assessing the Effects of Fish Passage Improvements and Habitat Enhancement on Fishes in a Chena River Tributary. Poster Video Presentation Link Zoom Link  vxt4Wt
Phytoplankton Diversity and Abundance Along a Glacial Gradient in Kachemak Bay, Alaska Poster Video Presentation Link Zoom Link  6jH53A

*If there is a link to a prerecorded Video that opens a PowerPoint presentation you will need to download to hear the audio. Top left corner, hit play button