photography examples

Photos used in UAF materials should have a consistent look and feel.

The style helps viewers identify with UAF and relays a sense of place and community. Ideally, photos should demonstrate the UAF brand characteristics and personality (engaging, sociable, stimulating, authentic). Photos should have an immediate impact on the viewer, and should include an instantly recognizable subject, interesting composition and uncluttered background. Because UAF is inspired by place, we should make concerted efforts to show the environment where our students engage, learn and thrive.

Professional photography should be used whenever possible. Access UAF's online photo collection or find instructions for requesting an image or a photographer to obtain new photos.

Photos contributed by staff members and occasional stock images may be used but should follow the same guidelines outlined above. Photographers are encouraged to shoot in RAW mode and process specific files to provide maximum image quality and flexibility.

Many images can also be bought for private use, as prints or on memorabilia such as key chains, mugs and tote bags. Visit to browse the picture galleries.