Memo to campus about marketing campaign

street bannersFROM: Brian Rogers, Chancellor
RE: UAF marketing campaign begins today

You may have noticed new street banners going up around the Fairbanks campus. These visuals are part of our new marketing campaign, Naturally Inspiring, which begins today.

I am pleased that we've developed a solid brand strategy that will help us to communicate what makes UAF such a great university. The Naturally Inspiring tagline gives us a framework to tell our story, and helps us strengthen our position and reputation. It will also serve to narrow our focus and help us grow student enrollment, and community and philanthropic support.

Branding is more than logos, colors and taglines, though these visual components are very important. In the coming months, UAF's schools, colleges and research institutes should work with Marketing and Communications to determine how they might adopt the new visuals into their own outreach materials. Marketing and Communications has developed a Brand Book that will help you do this. You'll find that information and everything else you need to know about UAF's new brand strategy at

Everyone at UAF has a role in how we talk about and showcase our university. This process will help us do that consistently and clearly, building our overall reputation and, in doing so, strengthening all of our programs.

From Facebook pages to the previously blank wall in Signers' Hall, you'll see the campaign unveiled around campus today and in the coming weeks. I hope these visual images reinforce your sense of pride about UAF. For those of you who already feel inspired, please visit and share what inspires you.