Ideal Sans and Minion Pro samples

Primary fonts

Typography is an important element of the UAF visual identity system and helps convey the personality of our brand. When used correctly and consistently, typography unifies the appearance of communications.


The primary sans serif typeface is Ideal Sans, which allows for fluid readability and versatility and was chosen because it gives designs a warm, organic, handmade feeling. It should do the heavy lifting in communicating the general look and feel of the product. Ideal Sans can be bought at www.typography.com. If Ideal Sans is not available, or for web and PowerPoint presentations, you may use Trebuchet MS, which is provided with Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X operating systems.


Minion Pro, the primary serif typeface, is also highly readable and is suitable for formal applications, such as invitations or books, or where a serif font is required. Minion Pro comes with the Adobe Creative Suite or the bundled programs available to University of Alaska faculty and staff through the Office of Information Technology keyserver.

Minion Pro variants can be bought at www.adobe.com/type/. If Minion Pro is not available, or for web and PowerPoint presentations, you may substitute Georgia, which is also a system font.

Wisdom Script and OSP-DIN samples

Decorative fonts

OSP-DIN and Wisdom Script may be used for special projects requiring a decorative font. OSP-DIN should only be used for a few words or short headlines, and Wisdom should be used seldomly and only for a few words. These specialty, stylized fonts should be used sparingly. Please refer to how the decorative type is used in the brand book (PDF) as an example.

OSP-DIN is an open-source font that can be downloaded from http://ospublish.constantvzw.org/foundry/osp-din/. Wisdom Script is a pay-what-you-want typeface available from The Lost Type Co-Op at www.losttype.com.

Lato and Georgia samples

Web fonts

Recommended font specifications for UAF websites are: