Color palette

Color palette

Color selection is a key element in building a strong brand.

Primary palette

Blue and gold are the primary UAF colors and an integral part of the UAF brand. These should be the dominant colors used when designing materials. The colors in the primary color palette should always cover more area than any other color that appears in materials.

Support and accent palettes

The support and accent color palettes are inspired by nature and feature vibrant earth and auroral tones to represent the energizing atmosphere at UAF. Support colors should be used to complement the primary colors, but the primary colors should remain dominant. Accent colors provide additional range to the primary colors and should be used sparingly (no more than 20 percent of the visual weight on the design). In any given design, only one accent color should be used with the primary colors to keep the primary colors dominant. The use of too many accent colors will dilute the power of the primary colors.

Using the color palettes

These colors are in the following color models:

  • PantoneĀ® Plus Series (for 2-color printing)
  • CMYK (for 4-color/full-color process printing)
  • RGB or HEX values for web and screen.

Please choose the appropriate values for the medium you are working in. Color palettes compatible with the Adobe Creative Suite are available for download.