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Applicant and Job Seeker Resources

Administrative Recruitment and Onboarding Resources
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Recruiting Your New Employee!

myUA Guides

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Recruitment Guidelines & Resources

» Acceptable Pre-Employment Questions Guide
» Job Details Template
» MyUA Required Verbiage
» MyUA Scoring Summary
» Reference Check Process
» Sample Screening Document Format
» Sample Screening Questions
» Search Committee Guide
» Standard Ad Template
» UA Employment as a Temporary/Casual Employee Fact Sheet 

Student Employment

Policy & Regulations
Salary Schedules
Student Salary Placement
Student Status Verification
Student Waiver Form

Work Permit for Minors - Alaska Dept. of Labor

Background Check Process

Applicants Required to Undergo Background Checks

Background Check Submission and Review Process

Background Check Form

Skills Testing for Applicants

The UAF Office of Human Resources has testing tools available for testing applicants. Testing is simple to set up; just contact your HR Consultant. Your consultant can help you select the type of test you would like to use, send the test to applicants and forward the results to your department.

To get an idea of what your applicants can expect, you can request to have a test sent directly to you. You will have the chance to work your way through the test and get a feel for what you will be testing your applicants on. If you choose to do this, please do not complete the test, as our office will be charged for it. Your consultant can answer any questions you may have about this process.

Total Testing Website

File Reviews: Rehiring Former or Transferring Current UA Employees

Reviewing UAF Personnel Files
PPAs and Hiring Committees
: Need to review a UAF personnel file for a recruitment?

Please fill out the form below and submit it to our office. We will prep the file for review and call you to make an appointment as soon as it is ready.

For confidentiality reasons, all files must be reviewed at the Administrative Services Center in the UAF Office of Human Resources' suite, Monday - Friday, 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM. Please bring photo ID.

Request to Review Personnel Records Form

OnBoarding Your New Employee!


New Employee Onboarding and Benefits Orientation Schedule Form -- Google Docs
Map Image to Administrative Services Center
All information on the New Employee Schedule Form for the Onboarding and Benefits Orientation (OBO) must be filled out by the department PPA and received no later than the Friday prior to the week of scheduled orientation date.

Click on the New Employee Schedule Form below to schedule new benefited employees for orientation. New employees will not be scheduled the week of orientation, unless special permission is granted by the HR Consultant.

OBOs are held the first and third Wednesday of each month. OBO is presented in the VCAS Conference Room in the Administrative Services Center Building and starts promptly at 8:30 am and last until approximately 12:00 pm. Those who are in remote locations and unable to attend in person are asked to call in to the session. Employees participating via distance will receive a conference call telephone number and pin a few days prior to orientation.

New Employee Schedule Form

Glacier Access for UAF International Employees

Glacier Access for UAF International Employees
This Glacier Access link will connect you to the form to enter data for International Employees.

The form is self-explanatory, but if you have questions, please don't hesitate to call our Personnel Tech staff (This link will open in a new window).

Onboarding Checklist Template

Our Human Resources PPA collected the information on this checklist over the last few years. We use this checklist each time we welcome a new employee to our own office.

We do suggest that you customize the list to your specific office structure. This checklist is very extensive, but it is effective in providing a smooth onboarding process for your new employee!

HR OnBoarding Checklist Template

Banner Security Access Forms

OIT Computer Access Request Form 
Banner Access Forms – Financial 
Accounts Receivable Access Request Form 
Student Banner Access Request Form
HR Banner Access Request Form

Helpful Onboarding Links

UAF HR Confidentiality Agreement - Template
Helpful Tips for Onboarding New Employees
Polar Express Card Information
Staff & Faculty Parking Forms
Staff & Faculty Resources

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