Staff Council News - Meeting #281 - May 1, 2017


Hello UAF!

This is the first of what will be a monthly report of topics discussed at UAF’s Staff Council meetings, provided by members of the Staff Affairs Committee.

This document will provide you with all the important information discussed in the meetings, as well as links to find further information on any topic in which you may be interested. This communication will always include the link to Staff Council’s website, for access to all the official documentation and recordings from our meetings.

UA Budget Update – Your Feedback Matters!
At this time, the legislature is still deliberating; the Capitol Report, by the Associate VP of Government Relations, Miles Baker, is a great information source for those wishing to keep informed on budget issues. There are still opportunities to contact your representatives; please remember not use UA resources when doing so. At the House Finance public testimony opportunity on April 29th, 67 people testified and many requested a higher budget for the University. The Chancellor indicated that we may not have a clearer budget picture until late in the legislative session.

 Strategic Pathways Phase 2 Decisions in September; Phase 3 Feedback Open
Some decisions for Phase 2 will be made at the June Board of Regents meeting, the rest will not be made until September’s meeting. Phase 3 reports are available on the Pathways website, along with links for you to provide your feedback. The Phase 3 review areas are: Arts and Humanities, Social and Natural Sciences, Mine Training, Finance, Risk Management, Land Management, and Facilities.

Staff and Faculty Representation on the Board of Regents
Resolutions were passed by Staff Council and Staff Alliance which request that a staff and a faculty member be appointed to the UA Board of Regents at the next available opportunity (anticipated later this year). Faculty Senate also passed a similar resolution at their meeting. The Staff Council and Staff Alliance resolutions were forwarded to the President and the Board of Regents.

Chancellor Search
Staff had the highest participation and engagement of the targeted groups! The search committee will forward their recommendation on to the President, who will make the final selection.

VC for Student Services Search
The applicant pool was not considered to be deep enough after the initial position announcement. As such, the Spelman Johnson search firm has been engaged to facilitate a wider search. They are meeting with the hiring committee this week.

Staff Council’s University Advocacy Developing Staff Mentoring Process
The University Advocacy committee has been testing Google Communities as a potential online forum for staff to ask the campus community for help with processes (i.e. how to run a specific BANNER report). Prior Mentoring Survey results indicated that many staff are interested in mentoring others and that many newer staff would appreciate guidance, but historically these groups have not had a reliable way to connect.

Furlough Leave Accrual Resolution Passed
Staff Council and Staff Alliance passed a resolution requesting that regulations be changed such that exempt and non-exempt employees are treated equitably with regard to leave accrual during furlough. Specifically, the resolution explicitly requests that both groups accrue leave during furlough. The resolution was forwarded to President Johnsen, who was supportive of the idea, and implementation of these changes is expected soon.

Faculty Senate Provides Recommendations on Proposed Program Deletions
Faculty Senate was recently asked to comment on 15 proposed program deletions. The committee noted the difficulty in making meaningful recommendations when so many programs are being considered for deletion. Ultimately their recommendation was that 7 of the programs be deleted.

University Advocacy Committee Organizes Food Drive for the Bone Builders Program
The University Advocacy committee is collecting donations of single-serve, kid-friendly food items for the Bone Builders program. The program supports kids who are dependent upon the school lunch program during the academic year, which is unavailable over the summer. The committee will post flyers with information on food drop locations around campus. The donations will be collected and tallied weekly, so that UAF’s donations to the program can be properly tracked.

To review the official Staff Council meeting minutes, read the agenda and handouts, or to hear the official recording, please visit the Staff Council website.

 – Jessica Allard, Staff Affairs Chair






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 Staff Volunteer Day
The University  Advocacy committee is meeting with Michelle Bartlett, Director of Summer Sessions, to refine the details for possible event coordination – stay tuned!

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The Staff Council Office will be closed for the summer beginning Friday, May 12!

If you need assistance with a staff related matter during this office closure, you can contact one of the officers directly using either the email address listed above, or  the following:

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Chancellor’s Remarks

Enrollment Initiatives
There are 5 working groups which have been trying to identify areas for strategic investments to grow enrollment and retention. Their recommendations have been forwarded to the Chancellor, and Core Cabinet will discuss them.

Military Engagement
Alaska has a very high percentage of veterans, and many military students are in bachelors and graduate programs, thanks to our flexible distance education opportunities. UAF is working on our military engagement with veterans, active duty and military families, to see where improvements in recruitment and retention can be made. There is a program called The 8 Keys for Veterans' Success, which may be used to guide our future engagement improvements.

Staff Emeritus
The Staff Emeriti process is not currently well defined (i.e. recommendation processes, timelines, Emeriti titles, decision-making channels, etc.). Chancellor Thomas suggested that this could be a future project for Staff Council to undertake, with the ultimate goal being to create clearly defined procedures.
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