Academic Course and Degree Procedures Manual

Fall 2017 / Spring 2018 Review Cycle

The PDF version of the Manual with regard to paperwork processes is now out of date due to the pending implementation of CourseLeaf. However, the curriculum policies in place (e.g., grading, syllabus requirements, cross-listing and stacking, course compression, etc.) are still applicable to courses and programs.

Course and Degree Procedures Manual
(Outdated as of 05/31/2017 due to the implementation of CourseLeaf Software Fall 2017)

Full version of the Academic Course and Degree Procedures Manual [PDF, 1.6MB]


Information on Co-Sponsored Courses

UAF may grant credit for courses co-sponsored by certain organizations. This policy is intended to insure that such courses meet UAF academic standards, that accurate student records are maintained, and that UAF’s administrative expenses are covered.

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