2014-15 Curriculum Approvals

(Including carry-over items from 2013-14 Review Cycle)

Items are listed in chronological order of approval.

Trial Course Approvals for Spring 2015 / Fall 2015:

Course and Program Approvals:

  1. Program Change: MA - Northern Studies
  2. New Course: DEVM F055D - Modularized Mastery Math (M-Cubed): Elementary Algebra Module D
    (Course number updated 6/24/2015)
  3. New Course: DEVM F055E - Modularized Mastery Math (M-Cubed): Elementary Algebra Module E
    (Course number updated 6/24/2015)
  4. New Course: DEVM F055F - Modularized Mastery Math (M-Cubed): Elementary Algebra Module F
    (Course number updated 6/24/2015)
  5. New Course: DEVM F105G - Modularized Mastery Math (M-Cubed): Intermediate Algebra Module G
    (Course number updated 6/24/2015)
  6. New Course: DEVM F105H - Modularized Mastery Math (M-Cubed): Intermediate Algebra Module H
    (Course number updated 6/24/2015)
  7. New Course: DEVM F105J - Modularized Mastery Math (M-Cubed): Intermediate Algebra Module J
    (Course number updated 6/24/2015)
  1. New Course: FISH F110 - Fish and Fisheries in a Changing World
  2. Program Change: BS - Fisheries Science
  3. Program Change: BA - Fisheries
  4. Course Drop: THR / ART F247 (h)
  5. Course Drop: NRM / GEOG F463 / F663
  1. Program elimination of the Bachelor of Arts and Sciences approved at Faculty Senate Meeting #202. BOR approved at February 2015 meeting in Anchorage. NWCCU approval of discontinuation received on 07/28/2015.
  1. New Course: PHYS F472Z - Advanced Topics in Physics II: Current Topics in Physics
  2. Course Change: NRM F320 (change course number / level to F220)
  3. Course Drop: BIOL F317
  4. Program Change: BS - Wildlife Biology and Conservation
  1. New Course: ANTH / LING F635 - Political Media and Discourses of the American Right (Stacking carried over from 2013-14 cycle; F435 O undergraduate level approved last year)
  2. New Course: FISH F641 - Ecosystem-based Fisheries Management
  3. Program Change: M.Ed. - Elementary Education
  1. New Course: MSL F215 - Marine Geological Drama and Undersea Catastrophes
  2. Program Change: BA - Anthropology
  3. New Course: ENVI F115 - Rural Solid and Hazardous Waste Management
  4. New Course: ENVI F116 - Rural Alaska Landfill Operator (RALO)
  5. New Course: ENVI F117 - Community Spill Response
  1. New Course: BIOL F635 - Introduction to Biology of Cancer
    (Note: See Feb. 25, 2015 for approval of BIOL F435 stacking with F635.)
  2. New Course: MATH F6xx - Topics in Geometry (course number assigned is F658)
  3. New Course: FISH F605 - Communicating Science to the Public
  4. Course Drop: NRM / GEOG F463 and F663 - Wilderness Concepts
  5. Program Change: M.Ed. - Counseling
  1. Course Change: ED F412 W - removal of "W" designation
    1. Request to remove "W" has been retracted by the SOE (per email of 02/06/2015).
  2. Course Change: ED F486 O/2 - addition of "W" and change to "O"

    Curriculum Review Committee:
  3. Program Change: BA - Alaska Native Studies
  4. Program Change: BA - Rural Development
  5. New Course: BA F235 - Entrepreneurship: A Small Business Approach
  6. New Course: ACCT / HSEM F271 - Fiscal Management for Emergency Management Operations
  7. New Course: HSEM F120 [not F220] - Introduction to Emergency Management
  8. Program Change: BA - Theatre
  9. Course Change: CHEM F322 - Organic Chemistry II (to be F325, 4 credits)
  10. Course Drop: CHEM F323
  11. Course Drop: CHEM F324 W
  12. New Course: CHEM F419 - Practical Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
  13. Program Change: BA - Chemistry
  14. Program Change: BS - Optional Concentration in Environmental Chemistry
  15. Program Change: BS - Chemistry (American Chemistry Society-approved)
  16. Program Change: BS - Optional Concentration in Biochemistry
  17. Program Change: Minor in Chemistry
  18. Program Change: Minor in Biochemistry
  19. Course Change: ECE F480
  1. New Course: HSEM F601 - Legal Aspects of Homeland Security and Emergency Management
  2. New Course: HSEM F603 - Disaster Management
  3. New Course: HSEM F605 - Community Planning in Emergency Management
  4. New Course: HSEM F607 - Vulnerability and Protection
  5. New Course: HSEM F609 - Human Security
  6. New Course: HSEM F690 - Security and Disaster Management
  7. New Course: HSEM F613 - International Disaster Management
  8. New Course: HSEM F632 - Project Management
  9. New Course: HSEM F665 - Strategic Collaboration
  1. Course Change: GE F430 (credit distribution change)
  2. Course Drop: GEOG F402
  3. Course Drop: GEOG F475
  4. New Course: MATH F107R - Prep for Functions for Calculus (to be numbered F151R)
  5. New Course: MATH F107S - Functions for Calculus Skills Workshop (to be numbered F151S)
  6. New Course: MATH F161R - Prep for Precalculus for Business (to be numbered F122R)
  7. New Course: MATH F161S - Precalculus for Business Skills Workshop (to be numbered F122S)
  8. New Course: MATH F200R - Prep for Calculus (to be numbered F251R)
  9. New Course: MATH F200S - Calculus I Skills Workshop (to be numbered F251S)
  10. Program Change: BA and Minor in Justice (remove Minor in Alternative Dispute Resolution)
  11. Program Change: BA and Minor in Communication (add Minor in Alternative Dispute Resolution)
  1. Program Change: Bachelor of Technology
  2. New Course: MATH F110X - Precalculus (Renumbered as F156X)
  3. New Course: MATH F110R - Prep for Precalculus (Renumbered as F156R)
  4. New Course: MATH F110S - Precalculus Skills Workshop (Renumbered as F156S)
  1. Program Change: K-12 Art Licensure Program
  2. Course Change: FISH F102
  3. Program Change: BA, BS, BT - General Studies
  4. Program Suspension: Certificate in Early Childhood Education
  5. New Course: RECR F130Z - Intermediate Swing Dance
  6. Program Change: Minor in Asian Studies
  7. Course Change: SPAN F103
  8. Course Change: SPAN F221 (course number changed to F321)
  1. New Course: LING F200 - The Field of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
  2. New Course: LING F315 - English Language for Second Language Teaching
  3. Course Change: FL F451 (change to 3 credits)
  4. New Course: LING F451 - English Second Language Teaching Practicum
  5. Course Change: BIOL F476 O
  6. Program Change: AAS - Human Services
  7. New Course: NRM F154 - Wild and Cultivated Berries for Alaska
    Course number revised on 6/24/2015.
  8. New Course: COMM F361 - Public Relations Campaigns
  9. Program Change: BS - Mechanical Engineering
  1. Program Change: BEM - Emergency Management
  2. New Course: HSEM F231 - The Threat of Weapons of Mass Destruction
  3. New Course: ASLG F220 - Deaf Culture
  4. New Course: ASLG F230 - Deaf History
  5. New Course: HSEM F439 - Supervising Emergency Services
  6. New Course: HSEM F440 - Advanced Principles of Fire Service Administration
  7. New Course: BIOL F400 - Capstone Project
  8. Program Change: BA and BS - Biological Sciences
  1. Course Compression: SOC F100X (Maymester offering)
  2. Course Change: Drop "W" : BIOL / CHEM F455 - Environmental Toxicology
  1. Course Change: ANTH F625 / F422 - Human Ostology
  2. Program Change: Master of Natural Resources Management and Geography (Remove Geography from degree name; department has moved to CNSM)
  3. Program Change: MS - Wildlife Biology and Conservation
  1. New Course: HSEM F233 - Critical Infrastructure Protection
  2. Course Change: GEOS F482 / F682
  3. New Course: BIOL F4xx - Advanced Cell and Molecular Biology Laboratory (course number assigned is F466; crosslisted as CHEM F466)
  4. Course Change: SPAN F222 (to be numbered F322)
  5. Course Drop: PHYS F313
  1. Program Change: OE - Homeland Security
  2. Program Change: BA - Elementary Education
  3. New Course: MUS F476 - Senior Project
  4. Program Change: BA - Music
  1. Course Change: GEOS F627
  2. Program Change: BA and BS - Geography
  1. New Courses: FLM F289, F389, F489 - Reel Workshop / Review
  2. Program Change: BA - Film
  1. Program Change: Secondary Post-Baccalaureate Licensure Program
  2. Program Change: BA - Secondary Education
  3. Course Change: ENGL F350 (renumbered and cross-listed: ENGL / NORS F449)
  4. Program Change: Minor in Leadership
  5. Program Change: BS - Physics
  6. Course Change: NRM F641 (change from 4 to 3 credits)
  7. New Course: HSEM F692 - Security and Disaster Management Seminar
  8. Course Change: GEOS F626 - Applied Seismology
  9. New Course: MBA F627 - Business Law and Ethics
  10. Program Change: Master of Education
  11. Course Change: ED F650 (title change)
  12. Program Change: K-12 Art Licensure toward M.Ed.
  13. Program Change: Special Education K-12 Postbaccalaureate Certificate of Completion
  14. Program Change: Secondary Postbaccalaureate Licensure toward M.Ed.
  15. Program Change: BS / MS - Computer Science
  16. Program Change: MS - Computer Science
  17. New Course: CS F600 - Professional Software Development
  18. New Course: CS F601 - Algorithms, Architecture and Languages
  19. Course Change: CE F424 / F624 (stacking)
  20. New Course: MSL F633 - Integrative Oceanography
  1. New Course (stacking): BIOL F435 / F635 - Introduction to the Biology of Cancer
  1. Occupational Endorsement: Rural Waste Management and Spill Response
  1. New Course: ESK F131 - Beginning Yup'ik Grammar II (h)
  2. Program Change: BA - Yup'ik Language and Culture
  1. Course Change: BIOL F465 - stack and cross-list as DVM F606.
  1. Program Change: BBA - Marketing Minor
  1. Course Change: ENVE F643 (Bring out of no-print; stack and cross-list as CE F443)
  2. New Course: MSL F216 - The Oceans and Global Change
  1. Program Change: Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  2. New Course: MBA F642 - Economics of Environmental and Business Sustainability
  3. New Course: MBA F674 - New Venture Development
    [See Feb. 24, 2015 approvals for MBA F627]
  1. New Course: FISH F682 - Field Course in Salmon Management
  1. New Stacked Course: ED F419/ F619 / CCS F418 / F618 - Cultural Atlases [Final numbers assigned for ED were F419 / F619; CCS is numbered F418 and F618 - 4/29/2015 and 6/24/2015 OAR email]
  1. Approval of the new Master of Security and Disaster Management
    NWCCU approval received on 07/28/2015
  1. Core "X" Request: MATH F108 (new alignment number of F152)
  2. New Course (stacked): BIOL F4xx / F6xx - Exercise Physiology
  1. New Course: DVM F603 - Veterinary Science: Research and Methods
  2. New Course: DVM F610 - Foundations of Veterinary Medicine I
  3. New Course: DVM F616 - Functional Anatomy [MSL F618 crosslisting]
  4. New Course: DVM F618 - Veterinary Physiology and Histology
  5. New Course: DVM F625 - Principles of Diagnostic Imaging
  6. New Course: DVM F639 - Veterinary Virology
  1. Program Change: Environmental Studies Certificate
  2. New Course: ANS F478 W - Alaska Native Studies Senior Thesis
  1. New Course: DVM F611 - Foundations of Veterinary Medicine II
  2. New Course: DVM F619 - Veterinary Neurobiology
  3. New Course: DVM F623 - Veterinary Nutrition and Metabolism
    Cross-listed as MSL F613.
  4. New Course: DVM F637 - Veterinary Bacteriology and Mycology
    Cross-listed as BIOL F632 and MSL F637.
  5. New Course: DVM F638 - Veterinary Parasitology
    Cross-listed as BIOL F634 and MSL F688.
  6. New Course: DVM F640 - Veterinary Pathology/Biology of Disease I
    Cross-listed as BIOL F640 and MSL F642.
  7. New Course: DVM F648 - Food Animal Production and Food Safety
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