2013-14 Core Curriculum Review Cycle

Curriculum Submissions for Review

1-Core: "X" Designator Request (Trial Course) MATH F194X - Preparation for Calculus, 4 credits (4+1); prerequisite of Accuplacer College Math score of at least 70 or placement into Calculus I; to be offered over three consecutive semesters as a trial course; effective Spring 2014 upon approval. (Submitted to both Curriculum Review Committee and Core Review Committee.)
Contact: Jill Faudree
Status: "X" designation was approved; however, course will need to be petitioned until submitted as a new course with a permanent number. Per OAR, a trial course may not take the core designator.

2-Core: Request for "W": BIOL F485 - Global Change Biology, 3 credits (3+0); add writing intensive designator to course; current prerequisites include BIOL F371; CHEM F105X; CHEM F106X; cross-listed as WLF F485; Format 2 indicates the following courses are to be added as prerequisites: ENGL F111X; ENGL F211X or ENGL F213X, or permission of instructor; effective Fall 2014 upon approval.
Reference #59-UCCh. at Curriculum Review Committee.
Contact: Richard Boone
Status: 2/4/2014: Core Review has approved.
4/2/2014: Provost approved.
See Curriculum Approvals page.

3-Core: Request for "W": ANTH F314 - The Archaeology of the Cavemen (s), 3 credits (3+0); "W" designator requested for new course (Format 1 submitted simultaneously); prerequisites include ENGL F111X; ENGL F211X or ENGL F213X; letter graded; to be offered spring of odd numbered years; effective Fall 2014 upon approval. [Reference #66-UNC at Curriculum Review Committee]
Contact: Jamie Clark
Status: Received 2/11/2014; to be reviewed.
2/14/2014: Core Review approved (with recommendation for writing diagnostic on first day of class).
3/12/2014: Provost approved. See Curriculum Approvals page.

4-Core: Request for "O": [SEE REVISED BELOW] ANTH / LING F435 - Political Media and Discourses of the American Right, [SEE REVISED BELOW] 3 credits (3+0); Public (small class) Oral designation requested; prerequisites include COMM F131X or COMM F141X; ENGL F111X; ENGL F211X or ENGL F213X, or permission of instructor; description of recommended coursework included; new stacked course paperwork simultaneously submitted; effective Fall 2014 upon approval. [Reference #67-UNC]
Contact: Robin Shoaps
Status: Received 2/11/2014.
2/14/2014: Core Review discussed. Minor modifications requested in course description and syllabus. (Instructor emailed.)
2/26/2014: Revised format 6 and syllabus received; posted below:
2/27/2014: Core Review approved as revised.
Update as of 5/12/2014:
still under review at GAAC; CRC has approved pending receipt of requested revision to catalog description.
6/10/2014: Instructor agreed to process undergraduate level approval only at this time (still under review at GAAC for stacking as F635).
6/11/2014: Provost approved (undergraduate level). See Curriculum Approvals page.

5-Core: Request for "W": GEOS F309 - Tectonics, 3 credits (3+0); add prerequisite of ENGL F211X or ENGL F213X; written work in course requires >50% written work and includes instructor feedback and personal conferences; effective Fall 2015 upon approval. Deadline missed for Fall 2014.
Contact: Elisabeth Nadin
Status: Received 4/11/2014.
5/6/2014: Core Review Committee approved.
5/12/2014: Provost approved. See Curriculum Approvals page.

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