About Us

The Tribal Management Program was approved by the University of Alaska Board of Regents in June 2001 and the Interior-Alaska Campus continues to develop the Tribal Management Program to provide sought-after information and service to Alaska’s tribal governments and community employers. The Tribal Management Program offers an accredited 30-credit Certificate and a 60-credit Associate of Applied Science degree through the College of Rural and Community Development.

The program was developed by a statewide team of advisers with the goal of providing a degree tailored to meet the unique needs of Alaska’s tribal governments. TM 101, Introduction to Tribal Government, helps build the base of knowledge needed to manage effective tribal governments. Students learn the basics of Federal Indian Law, tribal constitutions and ordinances, tribal court development, community and economic development and are many other subjects important to tribal councils in Alaska. TM 105, Tribal Finance Applications, focuses on the financial and management skills needed to operate effective tribal or local governments. Time management, conflict resolution, and program management are a large part of the course. The class also focuses on grant writing and management as well as providing a basic introduction to financial management, such as how to read and prepare a budget. Advanced courses in Tribal Government and Financial Management are also available.

Tribal Management faculty also administer the Alaska Tribal Technical Assistance Program Center and to provide transportation program development and technical assistance, workshops and courses to Tribes across Alaska.

The Tribal Management Program is continuously seeking partnerships with Indigenous tribes and rural organizations in order to deliver on-site training sessions to more regions of rural Alaska. Courses and workshops can be offered on-site in a village location when there is a group of 10+ students wanting to participate. Tribal Management courses are also available via audio delivery for individuals unable to form a cohort in their region or community.

Some examples of recent partnerships include, a frequent and ongoing partnership with Tanana Chiefs Conference (TCC) to develop course materials and to provide courses and workshops in tribal governance and tribal court development. We have partnered with numerous Alaska Tribes to provide training opportunities to tribal councils, staff and administrators, in a broad range of areas, from tribal governance and justice, to tribal transportation and natural resource management. Recently, we have worked with Bristol Bay Native Association (BBNA) to provide a series of courses leading to an Occupational Endorsement in Tribal Justice.