User Forum Notes for 7-2-2021

Notes: Cezanna Semnacher and Faustine Bernadac

Attendees: (24 users) Leanne Rossi, Ian Kuplar, Sarah Messenger, Isabel Eaton, Lexy Salinas, Ruby An, Jason Dobkowski, Eli Gomez, Jojo Baldus, Asha Kaliappan, Jess Richert, Miriam Ritchie, Nicole Williamson, Jess Steketee, Alex Medvedeff, Caroline Brose, Erin Van der Jeugdt, Cameron Jones, Selina Cheng,Sarah Ansbro, Jeremy May, Mike Weintraub, Roxaneh Khorsand, Alex Jennings

(14 staff & management) Donie Bret-Harte, Amanda Young, Dennis Wasserman, Cezanna Semnacher, Kela Vicich, Bodie Davies, Faustine Bernadac, Justin Johnson, Dani Aguirre, Rowan McPherson, Olivia Cronin-Golomb, Randy Fulweber, Kevin Williams, Alex Radion

Updates around camp based on 2020 users forum: 

Pending action items remaining from 2020: 

General requests/comments (many from the suggestion box or submitted online)

Common use equipment/procurement: no comments

Kitchen (no kitchen staff attended the meeting):