SCIENCE:    Steve Oberbauer, Mike Gooseff, Breck Bowden, Jonathan Perez, Jake Schas

STAFF:  Seth Beaudreault, Sarah Rice, Faye Ethridge & Thom Walker (partial)


Mike Abels presented an update on the status of the new dorm design and an overview of the planned CPS Fall Campaign activities.

The impact of a NEON presence was discussed.  There are concerns that traditional users will be competing for lab space with NEON contractors.

Breck Bowdon shared that STREON is now a subset of NEON and will be run by NEON.


It was recognized that both NEON and STREON will have data requirements, but the magnitude is unknown.

It is unclear of the STREON effort people are included in the 20 some folks projected for the summer NEON sampling.

It was asked if all new Toolik buildings will be built to Alaskan winter standards.

Steve Oberbauer asked if the Bungalow concept was dead.

Breck asked who is designing the lab.

The proposed location of the new lab is between the old dining hall and the Incubation Facility.

Steve Oberbauer raised objection to the removal of the old kitchen trailer, because it is historic.

There was further discussion about the internet.  Mike Abels described the current IP address situation.  Formerly Toolik had 3 megabits/second leased.  Now statewide UA is providing 42 megabits/second at no cost to Toolik.

Breck asked if there was a cost associated with obtaining more IP addresses


Opening of the Suggestion Box

Seth read the suggestions that came out of the box.


From the Floor:

Steve Oberbauer shared that there is sharp metal on the top edge of the Shower Module stairs on the north side.  He cut his boot on the metal.


Jonathan Perez commented that the Winter Lab steps needed to be re-stabilized.


Forum adjourned at 20:38.