User Forum Notes for 8-19-19

Attendees: Rachel, Steve H, Amanda Y, Eli G, Justin H, Jim L, Scott F, Eric L, Faye E, Simon Z, Jesse P, Manny C, Louise B, Lexy S, Jeremy M, Donie BH, Faustine B

Automatic door closing on 7/8   the doors are often open during rain events and the entryway is often wet!

Turn old skua clothing and old towels into lab rags to re-use instead of paper towels in lab

We heart Toolik staff!

Add cigarettes to the snack wall

Upgrade the ping-pong table

Less broccoli and more desserts!

Super squeaky beds in Muskox, is there any solution?

Great jobs managing the tower levels all season. I have never experienced backsplash!

For new sauna, can we plumb the sauna from lab 4 to new sauna for water? 

Jim Laundre: Outdoor outhouse by CG: the towel seat makes you want to fall backwards because of the way it’s constructed. Can this please be changed? 

Jeremy May: Green seeker for EDC or any sort of NDVI handheld equipment to check out + functioning dissecting microscope with camera

Narrow customized cart that work on the boardwalk!

New bike helmets! And high visibility vests

The cold coffee is AMAZING!!!! The one flavored by Gina!

If you are packing up the lab for the season, please talk to Scott!! He’s going to do a thorough inventory of all chemicals in labs

Can there be some day when there is veggie options for everyone

All  staff is wonderful, thanks Faye also for the help

Re-usable rags in the THC instead of paper towels

Love the new tower locks and toilet signage

Sauna shower instead of pitcher

Slide directly from sauna to lake

Re-usable salt shaker

New batteries or new cordless tools for the science workshop and S/R

Smores ingredients for the bonfire: reminder that we burn treatment

Weather monitor should be elsewhere than just the staff - let’s move it to the DH by the computer