User Forum Notes for 6-27-18

These are Brett’s notes from this users forum.  Please add any additional items that I missed.  I added additional comments in blue to help determine how to move forward.  Please add your comments in a different color and we can make sure we have a solid plan. If you are going to research an item and add it to the order sheet, please note that.  Thanks!

Jorge PeteTravisMIkeLauraDonie

General procurement

  1. A microphone setup for quiet talkers (who are these people?) in the Community Center
    Jeb: Can you scope this out and add anything needed to the order sheet - - Roger - JT  I have a battery powered mic/speaker from RoadScholar Trip, will send up to TFS, no need to purchase.

  2. At least two two-wheeled garden carts, big ones with bike tires, one dedicated for boat dock

    1. We have about 6 large garden carts - JT

  3. Bike bells for camp bikes


  1. New blackout curtains for WeatherPorts.  The trash bags need an upgrade

Is this meant to read Atcos? I recall the conversation started with Weatherports, but I could be wrong.  Either way, a general discussion followed that it would be nice to get all of them in camp upgraded. We have paper accordion blackout blinds available. They work well but are not meant to be a long lasting item. Was this shared with users? Spoke with Brett and upgrades have begun. Some blinds have been ordered. 

I just put a big hank of high end blackout cloth in the mailbag that was left over from a personal project.  Beats the hell out of trash bags…  Perhaps only as a holdover.

The discussion was about the weatherports, because there are windows in all of the doors, and no convenient way to hang a curtain… some time ago there were some shades that were held on with magnets, but they have all disappeared.  Basically, I think that all sleeping rooms should have some type of blackout curtains; we might need to get creative on this.

  1. A whiteboard in the THC                                    This has been added to the order sheet. 

  2. A selection of display converters for the CC:  USB C to HDMI, and MAC thing to HDMI being the priority

We’ve received two USB to HDMI cables. They are MAC compatible I believe. 

Common use equipment procurement

  1. Common use equipment: a Van Dorn water sampling device
    Jorge:  Can you add this to the order sheet.  Dan White or Jason Dobkowski can help you pick the right item.  Word is that its less than $1,000. I will start working on that, I think it should be a water sampler kit where it includes sediment secchi disc, termometer and son on. It shouldn’t be more that $600. I will talk to Jason and see what options that he suggest.

  2. Common use equipment: inflatable rafts
    Let’s research this some and hold on it for now.  Revisit this fall. I like this one.

  3. Common use equipment: 3D printer.  CR10 mentioned as a possibility
    Let’s research this some and hold on it for now.  Revisit this fall. Need more info on for what we will use this.  Randy: I suggested.  My thoughts were to use 3D printer to print small tools or gizmos that science users need that are otherwise costly or take a long time or order and receive from Fairbanks/Amazon.  Example 1- I mentioned the idea of 3D printer when Jeanette (team squirrel)  and I were driving to TFS.  She said a 3D printer might have been helpful a season (or so) ago when they were getting ready for a squirrel surgery and discovered their surgical forceps were not where they last left them.  They needed a specific forcep design for their surgery.  They could have requested 3D print forcep.  Example 2- a piece of science equipment arrives and a small part is broken.  Could go through effort to order and wait for part, or maybe 3D print it instead and have it in a few hours or next day.  I have initiated conversation with UAF CTC 3D printing program to get better educated about 3D printing.  Will report back once I’ve completed more homework and discussions.  Happy to include others in future discussions/meetings, if interested.

General requests

  1. 5 gallon jug of fresh drinking water requested at the sauna on sauna nights

We could do this but it seems as though adults should be able to bring their own water bottles. If this is an order, we’ll do it. Was this requested by several people? --TMP

  1. Real-time information on display boards, such as weather, utility metrics, arrivals/departures…etc.
    Let’s research this some and hold on it for now.  There are definitely a lot of exciting things that can be done.  Revisit this fall.  Thanks Jeb and others for working on these, I will try to be more helpful as we continue to expand the use of these

These are in use for said purposes in both Antarctica and Greenland. This would be a good    blueprint to work off of  since it already exists. I’m happy to help with this. Some of the realtime stuff would most likely require some one-time OIT support but we could use a little of that in a couple different workstations in camp. Two birds?--TMP

Jeb will be working with Ed on this this winter for the next phase, have a plan - JT

  1. Need to fix Wet Lab windows, they leak on equipment and electrical during specific storm conditions.  See Dan White for more information  On the list - JT

  2. The walkway between ATCO 1 and 2 is developing a large gap that is becoming problematic and may be unsafe  I believe Justin may have tackled? - JT

Food service

  1. Quite a few comments about changing coffee back to ACRC and disappointment in the quality of Deans Beans.  More analysis needs to be done to determine whether these all came from the same person Hmmm just ordered 120# of Deans on 7/  We are not moving on this at this time.  I’m wondering if these comments were made before we switched flavors of Deans.  The Birdwatcher’s Blend that we started with was pretty mild but our current Guatemalan is a darker roast.  This was changed after other comments were made regarding flavor.  I don’t feel it necessary to change at this time unless we get lots more feedback in the same vein. -LCB.

  2. Request for muesli.  We provide granola-if you want muesli-call you Mom or order it off Google-too many allergans and varieties to consider to keep everyone happy.  -LCB.

  3. Request for a consistent stock of plain potato chips.  Tell your friends to stop hoarding them-they are always available and they can ask the kitchen staff if they are desperate.  -LCB.

Request for frozen berries.  I don’t remember this request-what are they for-to put on cereal or into yogurt?  Have never had this mentioned before.  Plenty of fresh fruit already available for fiber and nutrition.  This feels like someone with a case of Princessitis but will provide if we determine it is necessary.  -LCB.