August 25, 2015

User Forum Notes: 8/25/15

Attendees- Alison Beamish, Mahalia Clark, Jeremy May, Dan White, Tom Parker, Sal Curasi, Ed Davis (Alyeska Engineer from PS4)

Staff- Mike Abels, Chad, Jeb, Seth

Mike Abels and Chad opened with explanation of purpose for User Forum and its importance.

The floor was immediately opened for any comments/questions from the attendees:

Ali Beamish- Is Toolik considering renewable energy projects for operations of TFS to move away from and/or supplement diesel power generation?

be utilized at some point, possibly on Cottongrass Dorm and/or the ATCOs. 

Mike’s response: Future development plans include RE on housing. 

-Wind Feasibility Study (anemometer at east edge of WP city) is in effect currently at TFS. 

-Waste heat recovery is being incorporated into the generator modules and hopefully will be able to supply all the heat for the new garage. 

Mahalia Clark- How much trash is burned in incinerator and how much fuel does it take to burn it? Could the waste heat from the incinerator be utilized as well? 

Chad’s Response- We do not currently quantify pounds of trash that are incinerated but do track fuel used in the incinerator.

Jeb’s response- Fuel burned by incinerator works to bring temperature up to optimum temperature so taking heat away from the unit would just make increase the fuel it used. 

Dan White- Did UAF ever consider a facilities management course at TFS? 

Mike’s response- They did actually have one at TFS. Engineers and wastewater experts were on site and a garage and foundation were designed. They made flawed cost estimates do to under estimating the cost of materials. 

Dan White- Wanted to state that the EDC has been a great help to him and he appreciates their assistance. He also thanked Jeb for all of his help as well. TFS science trucks have been very helpful to his project especially now since there are less MBL truck available. 

Tom Parker- Has TFS considered solar panels for summer use on buildings? (Tom came in late so missed the earlier conversation pertaining to RE. 

-Earlier comments regarding RE were recapped. 

Mike’s response- explained that we are burning only Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel despite the added cost and the fact that our generators would be fine to run on standard diesel. 

Jeb’s response- We are “picking the low hanging fruit” for energy saving measures.

Jeremy May- How long will they (Hamilton Construction) be crushing gravel at Imnavait? 

Chad’s response- We do not know.

Mike Abels and Ed Davis discussed the history of the potential for Alyeska providing natural gas to TFS. 

Suggestion Box was opened and here were the fewer than usual submissions and the responses them:

-Iced Coffee Please…response, We Have coffee makers that dispense coffee and an ice maker that dispenses ice…feel free to make your own.

-Pool Table…response, people would love a pool table but there is serious doubt that a quality table would be funded and finding a level place in camp to set it up so it could be used in winter would be challenging.

-Supply of Flat Rate Boxes from USPS- We got a stack of them sent up from Fairbanks so we have them now.

-Increase diversity @ Toolik is very white! Response- That is true but not sure how to accomplish this. 

Mahalia followed up with the question; Is there any under grad programs that target minorities? Mike stated that John Moore has a program that does….not sure of the details.

There was general discussion about why there is such limited diversity at Toolik and in the sciences in general.

Ali stated there has been an effort to include TEK (Traditional Ecological Knowledge) to be considered/included in the sciences and ecology. 

-Cam and Linda had a long letter that stated the need for newer snowmachines and safety concerns regarding the older machines use.

-Dan White- Commented that Helicopter/Field Safety training was good but not necessarily thorough enough. 

-Response: When Garrett held the training this summer, no one signed up for the longer trainings, only the two hour trainings. More thorough trainings could be requested to CPS for future seasons if enough people were interested.

-Please post the meal schedule in the Dining Hall.  Response, Chad has since posted the meal schedule and it continues to be explained during orientation. It will also be written on the menu board.

-Ed Davis- Ed stated that there is an archaeological site at the north end of the lake and apparently TFS users or staff have been making rock piles in this area. It may be good to make people aware that this area has archaeological significance and disturbing them is not allowed.  Response: BLM generally does not want to advertise the areas where archaeological sites are present. We could mention this area in the orientation…not sure if the rock stacks are from TFS users. We will consider general information to pass on to users about archaeological sites near by TFS.

-Dan stated that the new PFD/Paddle organizing shed at the boat dock was great…thanks! Response: Juan did a great job on it and the thanks will be passed on to him.

-Mahalia asked about the natural history museum idea that Jason D is interested in establishing. Response: All agreed that the idea to have a collection spot in camp for the cool fossils and other items would be appreciated. Staff will work with Jason D to establish the mini museum in the south end of the old kitchen portion of the Community Center. Historic Toolik pictures would also be interesting to display there.

User Forum Adjourned