Why Theatre & Film?

What is theatre & film and why should I study it?


The Theatre and Film Department teaches courses in media and performing arts, technology, theory and criticism. The department recognizes the importance of the role of the fine and performing arts within the humanities program of a liberal arts education. Courses in film and performing arts help develop students' original, creative and critical thinking while developing mastery in technical or dramatic skills.

A degree in film and performing arts gives students a critical understanding of the history, theory and technologies of cinema, new media arts and theatre arts while giving them opportunities, tools and resources for careers in media and performing arts industries, to pursue graduate study, or become media or theatre artists. 



Film & Performing Arts majors take a shared core of three classes (Fundamentals of ActingFilm Set Production I, and Introduction to Production Design) and then choose a concentration in either Film or Theatre.


Through an interdisciplinary approach to film and media studies, the program produces media-literate professionals who can play a leading role in an increasingly information-centered world where every profession will require skilled media creators. Film students have opportunities to produce their own creative, time-based content for a variety of multimedia applications. Emphasis is placed on the cultures, lifestyles and environments of Alaska and the North and the unique opportunities they afford for skilled media creators and artists.


Students become well-rounded and prepared artists who can contribute their design, technical and performance skills to stage and screen work. The theatre concentration emphasizes stage and screen practicum work, so students learn through hands-on experience on stage and screen sets. These experiences provide unique opportunities for creative expression and workforce development.


What can you do with a degree in theatre & film?


All of our students gain practical professional experience by working on film sets, participating in main-stage productions, and interacting closely with faculty advisors and mentors.



Nicole Cowans, left, Marley Horner, center and Katrina Kuharich, cast members in Theatre UAF's production of "Tartuffe" are interviewed by local media  after performing a live teaser in Wood Center a couple of days before opening night.

Some careers theatre & film majors go on to pursue are...


... and more!


Theatre & Film at the University of Alaska Fairbanks




UAF offers professional spaces for you to hone your craft, including the Lee H. Salisbury Theatre and the Charles Davis Concert Hall. 

Explore our facilities


Caleb Thompson takes a light reading on the talent before shooting a scene during the 2013 Wintermester cinematography class in the UAF Fine Arts complex. | UAF Photo by Todd Paris

Take a core set of three classes and then select a concentration in either film or theatre. You’ll design a course of study around your interests and develop original, creative and critical thinking while you master technical or dramatic skills.

Classes and productions are open to film and performing arts majors, theatre or film minors, and students in other fields.




How else can I get involved around campus?

The UAF Department of Theatre & Film offers many opportunities to explore the performing arts without even leaving campus.

Senior foreign languages major Lindsey Miller listens in her Hispanic Theater class during a recent meeting in the Gruening Building.
Take a Class

We have a variety of classes available for students who want to explore theatre and film. Here are some of them:

FLPA 121 - Fundamentals of Acting
FLPA 215X - Dramatic Literature & History
FLPA 217 - Introduction to the Study of Film
FLPA 241 - Basic Stagecraft
FLPA 231- Previsualization and Preproduction for Digital Cinema
FLPA 260 - Digital Video Editing
FLPA 271 - Film Set Production I
FLPA 401/402 - Practicum

Audition for a theatre or film production

Auditions for all of our productions (both film and theatre) are listed on the Auditions page of our website.

All of our auditions are open to the public. You do not need to be affiliated with UAF to take part in our productions!

Sophomore theater major Erlee Hjellen works at "wig master" for Theatre UAF's production of Tartuffe.
Volunteer to work on one of our productions

Email us and let us know what you're interested in. theatre.film@alaska.edu

Typically we can use assistance in the Costume Shop, Scene Shop, Electrics, Scenic Painting, Box Office, Ushering.

from a Winter Shorts production, silouette of two actors against a blue background
UAF Student Drama Association

Student Drama Association is for anyone (students, alumni, community members) who want to create theatre projects. SDA sponsors a variety of performances each year, including Famous for Fifteen (staged readings of new short plays).

UAF Film Club

The UAF Film Club is for anyone (students, alumni, community members) who want to create film projects. Film Club helps support local filmmakers in creating their projects, and has recently been featuring local films in a yearly film festival.

Ground Squirrel Improv

Ground Squirrel Improv is a student lead club that meets every Tuesday night from 7-9 in the Green Room. Anyone is welcome to participate in meetings where we just play improv games that you may have seen on Whose Line is it Anyway.


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(from left) Carrie Baker, Professor and Associate Dean, College of Liberal Arts, Dept. of Theatre and Film, Maya Salganek, Director of FRAME and Associate Professor, Film/Video Arts, and Da-ka-xeen Mehner, Professor of Native Art and Department Chair, take a photo before the faculty processional during the University of Alaska Fairbanks 2023 Commencement Ceremony at the Carlson Center Saturday, May 6, 2023. | UAF Photo by Eric Engman

Strong teaching, real experiences and personal attention from professors will prepare you to succeed in media and performing arts industries. Our graduates are professional stage managers, directors and actors who have worked for major cable networks like Discovery and Animal Planet and appeared on national shows such as “Blue Bloods” and “Gossip Girl.”