The Messenger

The Messenger - poster

If God sent an Angel to Earth, would you listen to what he had to say? That is the overarching premise of this season’s ambitious multimedia production of “The Messenger” by faculty professor Kade Mendelowitz.

After hearing reports of a self proclaimed Angel and Messenger of God, Michael is invited as a guest of America’s latest talk-show phenomenon: “The Jessie Show”. The host, Jessica Lamech, has been facing her own private crisis of faith when this unique opportunity presents itself. The network, recognizing the huge ratings potential of such an event, has heavily advertised a live prime-time special – and you will be surprised where the interview goes from there. Join us for this production of the University of Alaska Fairbanks Department of Theatre & Film.

Designer, playwright, and director Kade Mendelowitz created this multi-faceted production to match the distinctive nature of the programs at UAF. “I have been percolating this idea of combining a show that could be both a live theatre production and movie for a few years now, as we have been developing the Film program. Now that the Film Degree at UAF is official, I felt this was the perfect time to produce this piece.”

Mendelowitz has authored two multimedia educational theatre titles, and producedWater Stealers – a platinum award-winning science fiction adventure which premiered at the Goldstream Regal Cinemas in 2004. He’s also created the animated shorts Hounds” and “Love at First Light” which won “Best in Animation” at the Fairbanks Film Festival.

In 1999 he adapted and directed a production of “Alice in Wonderland” in which the audience actually followed an Alice and White Rabbit through Wonderland. “It was truly wonderful! We had 10 scenes located throughout the Salisbury Theatre complex. The audience had tickets that broke them into groups of 12 spaced 10 minutes apart. Each of 4 Alice’s and 4 Rabbits took each audience group on a 40 minute adventure, each going 3 times. This meant the other characters they visited and interacted with (like the Mad Hatter, Mouse, Queen and Caterpillar) each performed their scene 12 times each night. It was a blast, and the audience loved it! Some parents bought their kids numerous times to see different Alices…but the show sold out quickly…it was a great experience” says Mendelowitz.