Proctoring Services

UAF Testing Services provides private proctoring of certification/licensure exams at a cost of $20.00 per hour.  Please call Testing Services at 907-474-5277 and we will assist you with setting up your test.

If you need arrangements to take a UAF exam at a remote location please be advised that the proctor you choose must meet professional testing standards, which includes delivery at only educational institutions, public schools, public libraries, or military establishments.  Prior approval is required, so please contact our office at or 907-474-5277 and we will assist you with setting up your test.  

E-Learning and Distance Education

Are you taking a Distance Education course through the University of Alaska system i.e., UAF, UAS, UAA, KPC or another out of state university? Please contact E-Learning and Distance Education at 907-455-2060 and they will provide testing assistance at no cost for these services.

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