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Timeline dates


  • Registration Opens online September 1
  • Sustainable Village Seminars September 17-October 15
  • Registration Deadline October 1
  • Entry Submission Begins October 1
  • Entry Submission Closes October 14
  • Presentation of Submissions October 15
  • Contest Winners Announced October 22
  • Award Ceremony at CCHRC October 22, 12–1:30 p.m.

Coimpetition Archive

Teams were required to submit a portfolio for the design ideas competition, which consisted of design documents, a narrative, team sustainability statement and proposed research topics for testing products or building material, design concepts and ideas.

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Announcement Archive


✓ The Need for a Sustainable Village

✓ Sustainable Village Design Competition Launched

✓ Design Competition Names Winning Team

✓ Sustainable Village Begins Construction Process

Course Seminar Archive

UAF Sustainable Village Design Seminar Series

September 18- October 21 2011

Options for credit: Individual Study, Internship (GEOG/NRM 300), or Honors Contract

1-6 Undergraduate or Graduate Credits.

The UAF Office of Sustainability, in partnership the Cold Climate Housing Research Center is sponsoring a Sustainable Village Seminars Series to help support the teams participating in the design competition. These seminars will help increase the knowledge and awareness of students in holistic sustainable design principals. A credit options is available and contingent upon attending a minimum of15 hours. The last Saturday class is mandatory. . .

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