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UAF recycling started with paper products in 2010 and quickly grew to include aluminum, #1 & #2 plastic containers, clothing, ink/toner cartridges, and other miscellaneous items. Collection bins can be found all over campus, including off-campus buildings associated with university. The Office of Sustainability employs a team of students to collect the recycling from these bins. The recycling is taken to the Taku parking lot where it is kept for pick-up. The student teams use an electric cart for recycling pick ups during warmer weather and a vehicle in the colder winter months.

The student teams collect from four zones: off-campus, dorms, West Ridge, and lower campus. Each of these four zones is maintained at different frequencies depending on the bin usage and the amount of traffic in the area. Bins in the dorms are collected daily due to the heavy usage and high-traffic placement, while the off-campus, West Ridge and lower campus bins are collected two to three times a week.


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UAF Recycling operates as a partnership between students (Associated Students of the University of Alaska, Fairbanks) and the administration (Facilities Services).

UAF provides the physical location (Taku lot) and most of the trash collection bins for the recycling programs. We also provide litter pickup and general maintenance on the grounds around the collection bins.

Once collected and sorted, the items are hauled by the students to be recycled at the Fairbanks North Star Borough's new Central Recycling Facility, located at 1855 Marika Ave. 

Listen to a recycling KUAC radio kickoff broadcast.

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