Sustainable Landscapes & Grounds

Sustainable landscape practices have been used at UAF for a long time. The Georgeson Botanical Garden at the UAF Agriculture and Forestry Experiment Station has one of the oldest compost piles in Interior Alaska! UAF Grounds utilizes a combination of methods to minimize pollution, practice wise water use, avoid erosion, reduce waste and implement integrated pest management.

What is UAF doing?

  • Integrated Pest Management and organic fertilizers are used at the Facilities Services Greenhouse.
  • UAF banned all pesticide use in greenhouses and limits pesticide use to spot spraying in campus lawn areas.
  • Native and perennial plants are replacing annuals in flowerbeds.
  • Solar panels were installed to heat water at the FS greenhouse.
  • The Georgeson Botanical Garden at UAF is composting all their garden waste.
  • Natural Resource Conservation Service helped to plan how to control erosion at the GBG.
  • GBG uses soaker hoses and trickle irrigation systems and mulching.
  • Green food spaces were created in flowerbeds, the Chancellor’s house and Lola Tily Commons.
  • Fish and bird waste from our beloved greenhouse pets is used as organic fertilizer.
  • Food from the commons, grass clippings and paper waste are being composted and applied on flowerbeds.
  • Facilities Services created a sustainable IPM and fertilizer operations manual for campus greenhouse and flower and vegetable beds.
  • Excess heat from the power plants is being used to heat the greenhouse.
  • Cooperative Extension Services produced and sells an Alaska Sustainable Gardening Manual.
students play in the snow
UAF photo by Todd Paris.

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