Green Building

Green buildings use less energy and have good air indoor air quality and reduced environmental impacts. Many of these issues are addressed in the energy and lighting tab to your left.

Design and education about northern building techniques are also important issues. UAF has a strong northern building science education program through the UAF Cooperative Extension Service. There is also a LEED certified building on campus built through a partnering with industry.

The Cold Climate Housing Research Center's building and infrastructure research and testing facility was completed in September 2006. The facility is designed and constructed to meet the exacting standards of the U.S. Green Building Council LEED Gold rating. Every material, building technique and system in the structure, from the foundation to the mechanical systems, is designed for cold climates and is being monitored and evaluated for operational efficiency in all weather conditions.

The CCHRC is a living test center with over 400 monitors built in to assess performance of everything from the moisture content of the walls to the slightest shift in foundation. This research and testing facility, designed to address the challenges faced by northern builders, showcases the latest building materials and techniques. Built on permafrost, the facility demonstrates appropriate design for the North.


What is UAF doing?

  • UAF has a strong green building educational program engaging the students, staff, faculty and larger community. This takes the form of publications, public lectures and demonstration projects, just to name a few.
  • The Cold Climate House Research Center, located at UAF, represents a partnership between the statewide homebuilders industry and the university.
  • The UA Presidents' Residence was designed to be the most energy efficient home ever built in the state. It was built strictly in accordance with the Alaska Craftsman Home Program guidelines and rigorous performance standards of the 6.02 version of the HOT2000 energy evaluation software.
solar panel mounted on university bus shelter
UAF photo by Todd Paris.

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