UAF Green Department Certification

Planting in the soil.

The UAF Green department certification identifies and recognizes departments that have taken extra steps to have greener operations and lower their environmental footprint. The program identifies a set of conditions and actions – some optional and some required – that departments can take. Certification is contingent on documenting all 5 of the required pre-requisite criteria and specified number of the total optional criteria. Certification is good for 2 years: criteria and other requirements may change over time.

Documentation and Certification Process
Those interested in becoming a green department should download the application form and complete the internal audit as well as identify the points they wish to pursue. Consulting with the Office of Sustainability can be useful at this stage in the process. Completed applications (including electronic documentation for each point claimed) should be sent to the Office of Sustainability. If needed or requested a review meeting may be scheduled.

Note: Points will only be certified for initiatives that have been active in the last year.

Departments will be recognized for having achieved this certification. They will be issued a certificate and will be listed on the Office of Sustainability website. We will encourage departments to advertise through their own Facebook pages, website, and through the Cornerstone.

Bronze Certified Pre-requisites plust 15 out of 30 points
Gold Certified                       Pre-requisites plus 20 out of 30 points  
Green Certified Pre-requisites plus 25 out of 30 points
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