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Whether you are riding in city traffic, battling the extreme Alaskan winters, or mountain biking for the first time, there are a variety of steps you can take to make your experience safer and easier. Click on each link below for more information.


Why commute by bike?

Photo of bicyclist and bike

High gas prices. Expensive car payments. Traffic delays. Road rage. Expanding waistlines. There are many great reasons to consider traveling to work by bicycle. It's an effective, healthy, inexpensive, and fun alternative that is attracting more and more commuters all over the world. To Learn More Click Here


How do I ride my bike in the Winter?

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Riding in the World of Ice

Bike tires hum on snow and they buzz on ice. But they rarely slip when you’re going straight. Gears click and shift the same in almost any weather. Just remember the low-temperature lube. And the frigid wind? With the right clothing, it’s not an issue. To Learn More Click Here.


How do I get started with Mountain Biking?

Photo of mountain biking

Off in the Rough

Mountain biking is a sport which consists of riding... Alright, never mind the 'official definition'. Take a bike, add a trail, and a whole new world opens. Learn More Click Here.


Helpful Links

Winter Bike Safety Links

Winter bike safety video created by students at the University Winnipeg.

Winter bike tips from the Fairbanks Cycle Club:

Links to Local Businesses

Fat Bikes (Winter bike rental and trips):

Dogwood Designs (Custom designed pogies):

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