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There are a number of environmental clubs and student groups on campus whose missions or activities often take on an environmental or sustainability related focus. UAF has over 100 active student organizations. The best way to find the group that fits with your specific focus is to go to the student organization website.


Information on Green Student Groups

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UAF photo by Todd Paris.

Review of Infrastructure, Sustainability, and Energy (RISE) Board

The RISE Board was created in order to find innovative ways to create a more sustainable campus.

The RISE Board was created in Fall 2009 in order to maximize the use of the Student Initiative for Sustainable Energy Now (SIREN) fee.

The SIREN fee started in the Spring semester of 2010 and will continue every semester for 10 years, at which time the fee will be retired and the RISE Board will cease to exist, hopefully leaving the infrastructure for many alternative energy and sustainable projects to continue.

RISE wants to foster a better understanding of what it means to be sustainable, and will do so by sponsoring forums, dances, and events including a Sustainability Summit, which will bring together researchers, administrators, student groups and the community.

The best part about the RISE Board is you. We need your suggestions and we have the funds to make your ideas a reality. Do you have a great idea that would make any UAF campus more sustainable? Apply for a RISE award by submitting a proposal to us.

You can also visit the various pages of the RISE website by using the menu above.



You have probably noticed at least one of the recycling containers around campus. All those receptacles are maintained by the recycling sustainability coordinators.

The Office of Sustainability recycles aluminum cans, glass, printer cartridges and paper material. They also dispose of batteries properly.

The Office of Sustainability expanded its workforce to include a sustainability director, Michele Mouton, whose job entails creating awareness, serving on the RISE board, writing grant proposals and tackling a wide range of projects regarding sustainability in the Fairbanks area. Contact her at


Sustainable Campus Action Force (SCAF)

The SCAF is one of the easiest ways for students (and staff) to play an active role in the low impact movement and make real changes at UAF.

Want to get involved? You can e-mail for more information.

Currently SCAF is working on finding creative supplements to UAF's coal plant and spreading awareness of the recycling program. The group changes its foci based on current membership and community need.

SCAF works hard on raising the environmental awareness of students on campus by hosting the annual Earth Day Fair that is always held in the month of April.

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