The Office of Sustainability is currently not running EcoRep. If you have any questions about the program. Please contact Christi at 474-5070 or

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Eco-Reps are students committed to creating a culture of sustainability at UAF. The position welcomes students from diverse majors and backgrounds to encourage sustainable behaviors in the residence halls through fun activities. Currently, the program is in dorms working with their peers on every floor. The program targets behavior changes among their student body, and institutional changes in the halls and common areas. The Eco-Reps helps the university, use its resources more efficiently while lessening the impact UAF has on the surrounding environment. The Eco-Reps can help implementating UAF’s Zero Waste initiatives in dorms, as well as diverting thousands of pounds of trash from the landfill and carbon dioxide from the air.

Eco-Reps make UAF a more sustainable and healthy university. Check out the cool Greening your Dorm video made by UAF Students: Green your Dorm at UAF Video


What Eco-Reps Do

  • Lead the charge for the recycling challenge in dorms
  • Lead dorm energy competition
  • Attend two monthly meetings
  • Gain practical experience working in the growing field of sustainability
  • Teach fellow students how to make more sustainable choices and why it matters
  • Connect with other students, student groups, faculty, and staff
  • Become leaders in the residence halls

The Eco-Rep Program is made possible by the collaborative efforts of Residence Life, Facilities Services, and Office of Sustainability.

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