What is Sustainability

Photo of composting and student worker

Sustainability is a term used to address efforts being made to create a balance in the environment that will promote physical, social, and economic health for current and future generations. 

Sustainability is not a destination, it is a process. Sustainability is:

  • An opportunity to transform/reinvent the community, organization and the world
  • A capacity for an interdisciplinary approach to solving problems
  • Meeting today’s needs without compromising future generations’ ability to meet their needs

Three major problems facing us globally today that must be addressed are climate change, dwindling oil supplies and high carbon emissions. Efforts to move towards sustainability include designing green buildings, purchasing locally-produced food and goods, reducing carbon emissions, purchasing wisely, promoting sustainability in education, conserving energy and minimizing waste.

UAF has done much over the last decade to move towards a move sustainable campus. Many of these efforts have been driven by student enthusiasm and energy. The UAF Office of Sustainability is working to create a campus wide network and engage the community in a sustainable future.


For more information on sustainable efforts at UAF and the Office of Sustainability, visit the links below.


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