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Christi Kemper: Office Manager

Christi Kemper has been providing fiscal & administrative support to the Office of Sustainability since June 2013; in the past, she has worked in a variety of fields. She came to Alaska in 2010 to attend  UAF after earning degrees in history & anthropology in Colorado and never left! Her interest in sustainability started many years ago and is heavily intertwined with her interests in history, self-sufficient living, and food production.  Christi loves owls and likes to spend her free time gardening, knitting, cooking, spinning yarn, crafting, doing archery and hiking or otherwise exploring the great outdoors utilizing snowshoes, skis, or canoe. 

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Office of Sustainability Student Staff

Sustainability Office Assistant - Sabina Karwowski

Sabina is a born and raised Alaskan. She spent her childhood growing up in Homer, fishing, hiking and acting in local theater. Today, Sabina is a junior in Chemistry here at UAF and has grown to love the atmosphere and community on campus. Initially, she became involved with the Office of Sustainability during her freshman year by volunteering at and using the Free Store. From there Sabina found her college niche to help promote sustainable resources and recycling throughout UAF. Sabina was hired in January 2017 and plans to promote sustainability until graduation, and then on. 

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Sustainability Student Coordinator - Allie Gabalski-Newman

Allie is from Akron, Ohio. She moved to Fairbanks three years ago to study environmental science here at UAF. Allie loves nature, camping, hiking and exploring with her partner, Cody, and dog, Atigun. Her absolute favorite place in Alaska is just north of the Brooks Range.

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Free Store Coordinator - Breanne Meath

Breanne is a proud Fairbanks local, born and raised. She became a crucial member of the sustainability team because she believes that we can change the world on a global scale through small changes in our day to day life. She is constantly passionate about decreasing my environmental impact on the earth by using less single-use products and really thinking about how long an item will last before I make the purchase. Breanne also runs an Instagram page called @Zerowastefairbanks, where she post ideas on how to live a more earth-friendly life. Please follow if interested!

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UAF Recycling Team 

Recycling Manager - Steve Arroyo

Steve is from a beach town called Ventura, California. He came up to Alaska to pursue his dream of achieving a fisheries degree. His favorite hobbies are fishing, kayaking, hunting and working out. 

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Recycling Team Member - Erik Grazulis

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Recycling Team Member - Cody Newman

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Green Bikes Student Staff

Green Bikes Manager - Grace Matthews

Grace Matthews is a recent graduate of UAF CTC's Automotive Technology program. She is currently putting her technical skills to use in the Green Bikes shop as a mechanic. She is enrolled in the BFA program at UAF. In her spare time, she enjoys pursuing alternative transportation such as biking, skiing, and walking.

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Green Bikes Mechanic - Daniel Blair Madrid 

Daniel is currently a graduate student in the Rural Development department. He transferred to UAF from northern California with an interest in addressing climate change and food security by promoting sustainable technologies through agriculture with the use of hydroponics. He has been an active member at the campus community garden and is working on his project at the greenhouses researching the viability of ocean water from around Alaska as a fertilizer for crop production.

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