2018 MAYmester credit courses are intense; a three-credit class meets for only 10 days. Many credit courses require reading and/or writing to be completed prior to the start of class. Check the course syllabi below for more information. All students must be in good academic standing to take a MAYmester course and students taking a 100 or 200 level course must have a 2.5 GPA.

MAYmester registration is at UAOnline for degree-seeking students. All others use the Summer Sessions registration form, available February 12. Registration is limited to 3 credits during MAYmester.

MAYmester payment must be completed by May 7. Late fees begin May 8. Students with guaranteed financial aid for summer semester will have payment applied to their account with the summer financial aid disbursement. The last day to withdraw from a MAYmester class is May 14.

Dorm housing during MAYmester is available for students who lived in the dorms during spring semester. Other students need to apply for summer housing by April 25 to be considered for MAYmester housing.

Registration - Begins February 12, 2018

Registration - New Students

Find course CRN below.

Click on the online registration form for non-degree seeking students.

Registration - Continuing Students

Find course CRN below. 

Log into UAOnline to register for MAYmester classes.

Questions? Contact Summer Sessions & Lifelong Learning.

Phone 907-474-7021 / / 216 Eielson Building

2018 MAYmester Courses

FISH F315 F91 - Freshwater Fisheries Techniques
CRN 51194
May 7-18, Monday-Friday, 8 am-5 pm
Location arranged
Course Syllabus
Taught by Trent Sutton

JUST F300X F91 - Ethics and Justice
CRN 51210
May 7-18, Monday-Friday, 12-3 pm
402 Gruening
Course Syllabus
Taught by Jeffrey May

LS F101X-F91 - Library Information & Research
CRN 51315
May 7-18, Monday-Friday, 12-3 pm
301 Rasmuson
Course Syllabus
Taught by Stephen Hunt

MATH F122R F91 - Prep for Precalculus for Business
CRN 51294
May 7-18, Monday-Friday, 10 am-12 pm
106 Chapman
Course Syllabus
Taught by Latrice Bowman

MATH F151R F91 - Prep for College Algebra for Calculus
CRN 51295
May 7-18, Monday-Friday, 10 am-12 pm
106 Chapman
Course Syllabus
Taught by Latrice Bowman

MATH F230R F91 - Prep for Essential Calculus with Applications
CRN 51296
May 7-18, Monday-Friday, 10 am-12 pm
106 Chapman
Course Syllabus
Taught by Latrice Bowman

MATH F251R F91 - Prep for Calculus
CRN 51297
May 7-18, Monday-Friday, 10 am-12 pm
106 Chapman
Course Syllabus
Taught by Latrice Bowman

MUS F200X F91 - Explorations in Music
CRN 51275
May 7-18, Monday-Friday, 12-5 pm
301 Music
Course Syllabus
Taught by Jaunelle Celaire

PS F100x F91 - Political Economy
CRN 51211
May 7-18, Monday-Saturday, 10 am-3 pm
412 Gruening
Course Syllabus
Taught by Jeremy Speight

PS F221x F91 - International Politics
CRN 51212
May 7-18, Monday-Saturday, 10 am-3 pm
413 Gruening
Course Syllabus
Taught by Brandon Boylan

PS F300x F91 - Ethics and Society
CRN 51213
May 7-18, Monday-Saturday, 10 am-3 pm
303 Gruening
Course Syllabus
Taught by Alexander Hirsch

SPAN F203 F91 - Si Si! Summer Intensive Spanish Immersion
CRN 51322
May 7-18, Monday-Saturday, 8 am-12:30 pm<
609 Gruening
Course Syllabus
Taught by Marina Cuzovic-Severn

Non-credit Courses

COJO F040-F91 - Understanding Your Digital Camera
CRN 51268
May 12-13, Saturday and Sunday, 1-6 pm
319 Bunnell
Course Syllabus
Taught by Jason Lazarus

2017 MAYmester Faculty Directory

2018 MAYmester faculty will be posted soon.

Aragon-Stewart, Brandon – Instructor of Spanish

Bowman, Latrice – Instructor of Math

Boylan, Brandon - Associate Professor of Political Science

Hardy, Sarah- Associate Professor of Biology

Hirsch, Alexander - Assistant Professor of Political Science

May, Jeffrey - Associate Professor of Justice

Pena, Jess - Lecturer in Art

Shoaps, Robin - Assistant Professor of Anthropology

Strobaugh, Rick – Lecturer in Justice

Tobin, Elizabeth – Post Doctoral Fellow in Fisheries

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many credits can I take during MAYmester?
A: Limit of three.

Q: Are MAYmester credits counted in my total summer credit load?
A: Yes.

Q: What if MAYmester causes a credit overload in my summer schedule?
A: Banner will not accept a registration that creates a credit overload without prior authorization. It is understood that a MAYmester course is offered in a separate time frame from other summer courses, but Banner doesn't see it that way. To get overload permission entered into Banner to take a MAYmester course, students can email with their student ID and the requested MAYmester course name and CRN. It is helpful to put "MAYmester Credit Overload" in the subject line. Call 907-474-7500 for additional information.

Q: What about housing during MAYmester?
A: Dorm space will be available during MAYmester for spring students only. Check with the Office of Residence Life for more information. 474-7247.

Q: When is payment due?
A: Payment is due the first day of class, May 7.

Q: What about dates and deadlines for MAYmester?
A: May 7 - Last day to register and attendance is required.  Last day for drop with 100% refund.
May 14 - Last day for student or faculty initiated withdrawal or change to audit with instructor permission.

Q: How do I get prepared for the first class?
A: The first day of a MAYmester course is like the first week of a semester length course. In order to be prepared for the rapid pace of the course, reading is usually required prior to the start of class. The pre-course assignment can be found in the course syllabus.

Q: Do employee tuition waivers work for MAYmester?
A: Yes.

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