Faculty Directory

From A - D


Adkison, Milo D, Ph.D. - Professor of Fisheries - mdadkison@alaska.edu

Ajango, Deb, MS, Lecturer in Emergency Medical Services - debajango@att.net

Albanese, Mary, Ph.D., Lecturer - MaryDAlbanese@aol.com

Aragon-Stewart, Kimberly, M.Ed. - Instructor of Spanish - navdonina@alaska.edu

Avdonina, Nina, Ph.D. - Lecturer in Mathematics- kstewart@alaska.edu

Avery, Victoria L, M.A. - Lecturer in English - vlavery@alaska.edu


Berger, Maria, M.Ed. - Lecturer in Education - maria_berger@nps.gov

Bishop, Suzanna, M.A. - Lecturer in Library Studies- sbishop@alaska.edu

Boldt, Frank, M.S.W. - Assistant Professor of Justice - fdboldt@alaska.edu

Bowman, Latrice, M.S. - Instructor of Mathematics -  lnbowman@alaska.edu

Boylan, Brandon, Ph.D. - Assistant Professor of Political Science - bmboylan@alaska.edu

Boylan, Katherine,  M.A. - Instructor of English - kboylan@alaska.edu

Brocious, Heidi, M.S.W. - Assistant Professor of Social Work - hlbrocious@alaska.edu

Burr, Erika, - Lecturer in Mathematics- eburr@alaska.edu


Carlson, Patricia, M.A. – Lecturer in Art - pecarlson@alaska.edu

Chowdhury, Ataur, Ph.D. - Associate Professor of Physics - archowdhury@alaska.edu

Croskrey, Wendy,  Associate Professor of Art - wecroskrey@alaska.edu


Daku, Michael, M.Ed. -  Associate Professor of Justice -

Dahl, Heather, Ph.D. - Assistant Professor of Counseling- hdahl2@alaska.edu

Daku, Michael, M.Ed. - Associate Professor of Justice - mjdaku@alaska.edu

DeCaro, Peter, Ph.D. Department Chair, Communication - padecaro@alaska.edu

Demientieff, LaVerne, M.S.W. - Clinical Assistant Professor, Social Work - lmdemientieff@alaska.edu

Dewey, Kathryn - Lecturer in Anthropology - kdewey1@alaska.edu

Duffy, Anne, M.F.A. - Term Instructor in Art - aduffy@alaska.edu

Duke, Rob, Ph.D. - Assistant Professor of Justice - jrduke@alaska.edu

From E - H


Eder, Lorna, D.M.A - Term Instructor in Music - leeder@alaska.edu


Farmer, Daryl, Ph.D. – Associate Professor of English - dlfarmer@alaska.edu

Fattic, Lorinda, M.S. – Lecturer in Mathematics - lfattic@alaska.edu


Gifford, Valerie, Ph.D. - Assistant Professor of Education - vmgifford@alaska.edu

Gimbel, John, Ph.D. - Professor of Mathematics - jggimbel@alaska.edu @alaska.edu

Green, Carie, Ph.D. - Assistant Professor of Education - cjgreen2@alaska.edu

Grossweiner, Karen, Ph.D. - Assistant Professor of English - kgrosswe@alaska.edu


Hardy, Cynthia, Ph.D. - Professor of Developmental English - clhardy@alaska.edu

Healy, Joanne, Ph.D. - Assistant Professor of Special Education - jhealy7@alaska.edu

Henry, David, Ph.D. - Assistant Professor of Japanese - dahenry2@alaska.edu

Hirsch, Alex, Ph.D. - Assistant Professor of Political Science - ahirsch@alaska.edu

Hulsey, J. Leroy, Ph.D - Professor of Civil Engineering - jlhulsey@alaska.edu

From I - L


Iken, Katrin, Ph.D. - Professor of Marine Biology - iken@ims.uaf.edu

Izbekov, Pavel, Ph.D. - Research Associate in Volcanology - peizbekov@alaska.edu


Jensen, Anne - Affiliate Research Assistant Professor - Anne.Jensen@uicscience.com

Jones, Shann, B.S. - Fly-Fishing Instructor - spjones@alaska.edu

Jones, Zoe, Ph.D. - Term Assistant Professor of Art - zjones@alaska.edu


Kardash, Diane, M.A. Assistant Professor of Elementary Education- dlkardash@alaska.edu

Klass, Margo, Ph.D. - Lecturer in Art - margoklass@me.com

Kruse, Gordon, Ph.D. - President’s Professor of Fisheries and Oceanography - gordon.kruse@alaska.edu


Lazarus, Jason, B.A. - Lecturer in Journalism - jjlazarus@alaska.edu

Lindholm, Melanie, M.A. - Lecturer in Sociology – melanielovescm@msn.com

From M - P


Maier, Julie – Associate Professor and Chair of Developmental Mathematics -jak.maier@alaska.edu/p>

Mason, Charles, M.A. - Professor of Photojournalism - cwmason@alaska.edu

May, Jeffrey, M.A. - Associate Professor of Justice - jdmay@alaska.edu

Metz, Paul, Ph.D. - Professor of Geological Engineering - pametz@alaska.edu

Mezger, Jochen, Ph.D. - Instructor of Geology - jemezger@alaska.edu

Mjolsnes, Gretchen, M.A. - Lecturer in English - gemjolsnes@yahoo.com

Mousseau, Carolyn - Lecturer in English- cmousseau.traveler@gmail.com

Murphy, Richard, B.A. - Lecturer in Photography - rmurphy49@gmail.com


Nattinger, Kristian, M.S. – Lecturer in Chemistry - knattinger@alaska.edu


O’Connor, Mary, M.S. - Lecturer in Education - mary.oconnor@k12northstar.org

Oliver, S. Ryan, Ph.D. - Instructor of Chemistry- sroliver@alaska.edu


Pena, Jess, B.A. - Lecturer in Art - jrpena@alaska.edu

Peterson, Jennifer, Ph.D. - Assistant Professor of Psychology - jrpeterson4@alaska.edu

Price, Channon, Ph.D. - Associate Professor of Physics - cpprice@alaska.edu

From Q - T


Rakower, Simon, Bicycle Maintenance Instructor - aws@mosquitonet.com

Ruppert, James, Ph.D. - Professor of Alaska Native Studies and English

Russell, David, Ph.D. - Visiting Summer Faculty - russeld@muohio.edu

Russell, Jill, Ph.D. - Associate Professor of Biology - jill.russell@msj.edu


Sager, Kevin, Ph.D. - Assistant Professor of Communication - ksager2@alaska.edu

Shannon, Teresa, , M.F.A. - Lecturer in Art - teresa.shannon@alaska.edu

Sherman, Todd, M.F.A. - Professor of Art and Dean of the College of Liberal Arts- tlsherman@alaska.edu

Short, Margaret, Ph.D. - Associate Professor of Statistics - mshort18@alaska.edu

Sikes, Derek, Ph.D. - Associate Professor of Biology - dssikes@alaska.edu

Skya, Walter, Ph.D. Associate Professor and Director of Asian Studies - waskya@alaska.edu

Smith, Gerad, M.A. - Lecturer in Anthropology - gmsmith2@alaska.edu

Smith, Ronald, Professor Emeritus of Zoology - rlsmith@alaska.edu

Stomberg, Karen, B.F.A. - Lecturer in Art - karstomberg@gmail.com

Strobaugh, Rick, B.A. - Lecturer in Justice - rpdrunner@msn.com

Swisher, Kimberly, L.M.S.W. - Clinical Assistant Professor of Social Work - kcswisher@alaska.edu


Taylor, Karen, Ph.D. - Assistant Professor of Communication - kmtaylor4@alaska.edu

Topkok, Sean, Ph.D. - Assistant Professor of Education - sean@ankn.uaf.edu

From U - Z


Vinlove, Amy, M.A. -  Assistant Professor of Elementary Education - alvinlove@alaska.edu


Watson, Adam, Lecturer in Statistics - atwatson@alaska.edu

Weltzin, Maegan - Lecturer in Chemistry and Biochemistry - maeganweltzin@gmail.com

Wildfeuer, Sandra - Associate Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry - sjwildfeuer@alaska.edu

Worrall, Mike, Ph.D. - Assistant Professor of Psychology - jmworrall@alaska.edu


Zirbes, Beth, M.S. - Lecturer in Mathematics - bazirbes@alaska.edu

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