Where can I find a listing of the courses offered through Summer Sessions & Lifelong Learning (SSLL)?

See the UAF Summer Sessions courses on this page.

Do I need to be admitted to UAF to register for SSLL classes?

No. SSLL offers open enrollment so you do not need to be formally admitted to the university to register for classes. If the course(s) you decide to register for has prerequisites you will need to provide transcripts or test scores that show you have met the prerequisites. Admission to a UAF degree program is required for financial aid.

How and when do I register for classes?

See Registration page.
Some classes fill quickly, so it is always wise to register early. See Dates and Deadlines for registration windows.

After I register at the SSLL website, how do I know that I am actually in those classes?

Check your registration status at UAOnline using the help link if necessary. If you have problems accessing UAOnline, do not hesitate to call the SSLL office at 907-474-7021 (or 866-404-7021, toll free) to confirm your registration. You will NOT receive an email or any other written confirmation of your registration.

How/when do I pay tuition and fees?

You can pay tuition and fees using UAOnline, in person at the Bursar's Office in Signers’ Hall, or by calling the Bursar's Office with credit card information (907-474-7384).
All tuition and fees for courses that you are currently registered for must be paid within the payment period of your first class. If you register for a class and decide not to attend the class you MUST drop the course or you will be responsible for the tuition and fees for that course. See the Dates and Deadlines calendar for information regarding refunds and drops. Remember that summer classes are condensed, so the time frame for dropping and getting a 100% refund is very short.

If I am moved into a class that I am waitlisted for and I have already paid my bill, how do I pay for the waitlisted class?

If you have already paid for your classes, then you have five business days to pay for the course that was added to your schedule through the waitlist process. If you fail to pay for the course within that time frame, you will be charged a $50 late fee.

Where can I purchase books and supplies?

The UAF Bookstore is located in Constitution Hall. It is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. In addition to purchasing new and used textbooks, many titles are now rentable or available as e-books.

Do I need a parking permit to park on campus? Where can I park?

Yes. All students, staff and faculty are required to have a current parking decal or pay for short term parking to park on any UAF or UAF Community & Technical College campus. See Parking Services.
Check the
campus map for a complete view of the layout of parking lots and buildings on campus. All yellow lots are designated as UAF permit parking only.

How do I access my university email account?

Every student at UAF is assigned a UA ID number and an email account. Official university correspondence (such as a student bill) is sent to this UAF email address. Activate your student account following the instructions at ELMO. Once you complete this process and have set up your UA username and password, go to the UAF G Suite site and log in.
If you’re having trouble getting into your account, call the OIT Support Center at 907-450-8300 for assistance.

How do I drop a class?

You can use UAOnline to drop a class if you are within the time period when classes can be dropped with no penalty. You can also use the secure online ADD/DROP form on the SSLL website. See UAF's Dates and Deadlines for additional information.
It is extremely important to drop or withdraw from courses that you do not plan to attend. This action can save you money, prevent a failing grade on your transcript, and eliminate the possibility of registration holds on your account.

What do I do if I have trouble using UAOnline?

Below are some possible reasons why you may be having problems using UAOnline:
* Do you have holds on your account? Check your registration eligibility at UAOnline. Clear the holds and try again. 
* If you have not registered for a UAF course since 2006, you will not be able to access UAOnline. 
* If you recently registered at a UA campus other than Fairbanks, UAOnline will not accept your UAF registration.
* If UAOnline will not accept your password, contact OIT at 907-450-8300 and they will help you set up your UAOnline account security questions, which will allow you to access your account.

Is there any sort of financial help during the summer?

First and foremost remember that tuition increases take effect in the fall so summer is your last chance to take courses at lower tuition rates. Also SSLL offers in-state tuition for all (undergraduate and graduate students).
Determination of need for financial aid is based on the results of the
FAFSA for the preceding Fall/Spring semesters. See Summer Specific Financial Aid

Is housing and food available on campus during the summer?

Yes, housing is available for students while they are attending Summer Sessions. Food is available on campus seven days a week. Hours vary depending on location.

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