Summer Sessions

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Taking classes in the summer is a great way to complete GERs, stay on track to graduate, and make up courses you may have dropped. Enjoy smaller class sizes and take advantage of free study help for math, speech, and writing.  A bonus is that in summer, there is in-state tuition for all.

Registration for degree-seeking students for 2020 Summer Sessions courses begins on February 10, 2020.  Open registration for all students begins on February 24, 2020.

Please note that only classes offered by Summer Sessions & Lifelong Learning, which can be identified by a section number starting with 'F' and followed by numbers, are eligible for the Summer Sessions & Lifelong Learning Financial Aid. Courses that are administered by eCampus or CTC do not qualify for our financial aid.

Degree-seeking students register via UAOnline

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Course Number






Ajango, Deb - Lecturer in Emergency Medical Services -

Alam, Gazi ‘Mahmud’ - Lecturer in Mathematics -

Albanese, Mary - Lecturer in Art -

Alloway, Joseph - Lecturer in English as Second Language -

Ancheta, JR - Lecturer in Portrait Photography -

Avery, Victoria - Lecturer in English -

Belz, Nathan - Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering -

Bowman, Latrice - Instructor of Mathematics -

Boylan, Brandon - Associate Professor of Political Science -

Buckalew-Hedin, Jamie - Term Assistant Professor -

Carlson, Patricia - Lecturer in Art -

Celaire, Jaunelle - Professor of Music -

Christian, Benjamin - Lecturer in Geography -

Colley, Melvin - Lecturer in Justice -

Criddle, Keith - Professor of Fisheries -

Croskrey, Wendy - Professor of Art -

Cuzovic-Severn, Marina - Assistant Professor of Spanish -

Dart, James - Lecturer in Math -

DeCaro, Peter - Associate Professor of Communication -

Demientieff, LaVerne - Clinical Assistant Professor -

Demmerly, Arianna - Lecturer in Chemistry -

Dewey, Kathryn - Lecturer in Anthropology -

Dufour, Nicole - Lecturer in Anthropology -

Duke, Jon Robert - Assistant Professor of Justice -

Galbraith, John - Instructor of Natural Resources -

George Bettisworth, Retchenda - Associate Professor of Social Work -

Green, Carie - Associate Professor of Education -

Hirsch, Alexander - Associate Professor of Political Science -

Hogan, Maureen - Professor of Education -

Holt, Joseph - Term Assistant Professor -

Howard, Terry - Associate Professor of Counseling -

Izbekov, Pavel - Research Associate in Volcanology -

James, Nancy - Lecturer in English -

Jones, Shann - Fly-fishing Instructor -

Kelley, Amanda - Assistant Professor -

Klass, Margo - Lecturer in Art -

Konar, Brenda - Professor of Marine Biology -

Kremers, Carolyn - Lecturer in English -

Lazarus, Jason - Lecturer in Journalism -

Lotvonen, Varpu - Instructor of Anthropology -

Manthei, John - Lecturer in Art -

Metz, Paul - Professor of Geological Engineering -

Mills, Kendall - Instructor of Biology -

Mjolsnes, Gretchen - Lecturer in English -

Morotti, Allan - Associate Professor of Education and Counseling -

Oldmixon, Mark - Coordinator, Outdoor Adventures -

Olive, Frank - Lecturer in Recreation -

Peña, Jess - Lecturer in Art -

Perreault, Paul - Instructor of Engineering -

Peterson, Jennifer - Assistant Professor of Psychology -

Pomeroy, Shasta - Instructor in Crime Scene Investigation Camp -

Quick, Kathleen - Lecturer in English -

Rakower, Simon - Bicycle Maintenance Instructor -

Rall, Sally - Instructor of Counseling -

Russell, Jill - Visiting Summer Faculty, Biology -

Sager, Kevin - Associate Professor of Communication -

Shannon, Teresa - Lecturer in Art -

Sikes, Derek - Professor of Biology -

Smith, Gerad - Lecturer in Anthropology -

Smith, Jamie - Lecturer in Art -

Smith, Ronald - Professor of Zoology, Emeritus -

Stomberg, Karen - Lecturer in Education -

Sutton, Trent - Professor of Fisheries -

Thai, Linda - Lecturer in Social Work -

Topkok, Sean - Associate Professor of People, Place and Pedagogy -

Turnbough, Kevin - Instructor in Basic Home Maintenance -

Walker, Donald - Professor of Biology -

Weiland, Rebecca - Instructor in Swimming -

Xu, Wang - Instructor of Physics -

When are Summer Sessions Courses taking place?

There are three scheduled sessions for Summer courses at UAF that we call "Summer Sessions"
Session I is a 6-week session, starting May 18, 2020 and ending June 26, 2020.
Session II is a 6 week session, starting June 29, 2020 and ending August 7, 2020.
Full Session is a 12-week session starting May 18, 2020 and ending August 7, 2020.

When are fees due for Summer Sessions?

Summer Sessions fees are due by the first day of the FIRST class attended. For example, if you have a Session I and Session II course, payment for both courses will be due by the start date of Session I. 

What is the credit limit for Summer Sessions?

Summer Sessions courses, while taught in a compressed time period, still require work equivalent to a full-length course offered during spring or fall semesters.

Summer workloads can be very heavy. Registration is limited to 1.25 weekly credit hours during any single week. A weekly credit hour is equal to course credit divided by course length.

Examples of Weekly Credit Hours:

  • 3 Cr - Six-week session = 0.50 weekly credits.
  • 3 Cr - Full session (12 weeks) = 0.25 weekly credits.

In a six-week session, you can take a maximum of seven credits. In a full session you can take a maximum of 14 credits.

To enroll with an overload (more than 1.25 weekly credit hours) requires a cumulative GPA of 3.0 and advisor approval on the Summer Sessions Credit Overload Approval Form.

What are the credit hours for Full-time and Part-time?

The credit hours needed for full and part-time course loads are the same as fall and spring semester. Keep in mind, this can be a combination of any sessions (MAYmester, 6-week, or 12-week) you are enrolled in. It's all considered one term. 

If you have questions about credit hours in regards to VA benefits, contact the Veteran and Military Services office. 

Do I have to be in Fairbanks to take Summer Sessions courses?

In order to take Summer Sessions & Lifelong Learning courses, you must be able to attend class at UAF for the meeting times designated by your instructor. Some Summer Sessions courses are offered vis web video, so you can attend even if you are not physically in Fairbanks.  We also offer blended courses, with a combination of in-person (or web video sessions) and online distance coursework. If you are looking for completely 'distance' based courses, contact eCampus. 

How do I drop a class?
You can use UAOnline to drop a class if  you are within the no-penalty period. You can also use the form below:

 More information about dates, deadlines, and fees can be foud on the Dates and Finances page. 

It is extremely important to drop or withdraw from courses that you do not plan to attend. Doing this can save you money, prevent a failing grade on your transcript, and eliminate the posibility of holds on your account.