MAYmester 2016 classes meet May 9-20.

General Information

2016 MAYmester credit courses are intense; a three-credit class meets for only 10 days. Many credit courses require reading and/ or writing to be completed prior to the start of class. Check the course syllabi below for more information.  All studetnts must be in good academic standing to take a MAYmester course and students taking a 100 or 200 level course must have a 2.5 GPA.

MAYmester registration is at UAOnline for degree-seeking students. All others use the Summer Sessions registration form. Registration is limited to 3 credits during MAYmester. 

MAYmester payment must be completed by May 9.  Late fees begin May 10.  Students with guaranteed financial aid for summer semester will have payment applied to their account with the summer financial aid disbursement. The last day to withdraw from a MAYmester class is May 16.

Dorm housing during MAYmester is available for students who lived in the dorms during spring semester. Other students need to apply for summer housing by April 15 to be considered for MAYmester housing.


2016 MAYmester Courses

2016 MAYmester Faculty Directory

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