AUGUSTmester 2020 Dates: August 10-21


New in 2019: AUGUSTmester!

The AUGUSTmester 2020 course list will be available for viewing here in January, so check back then.  In the meantime, for an idea of what may be offered in 2020, take a look at our 2019 course list below.

Registration for AUGUSTmester courses will begin on April 6, 2020 for degree-seeking students.  Open registration begins on April 20, 2020.







Course Number






Aguilar-Islas, Ana -  Associate Professor

Boylan, Brandon - Associate Professor of Political Science -

Colley, Melvin - Lecturer in Justice -

Dewey, Kathryn - Lecturer in Anthropology -

Drew, Kelly - Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry -

Eder, Lorna -  Term Instructor in Music -

Izbekov, Pavel -  Research Associate in Volcanology -

Mueter, Franz - Associate Professor -

Strobaugh, Rick - Lecturer in Justice -

Q: How many credits can I take during AUGUSTmester?
A: Limit of three.

Q: Are AUGUSTmester credits counted in my total summer credit load?
A: No, AUGUSTmester course count as part of your fall semester load.

Q: What if AUGUSTmester causes a credit overload in my fall schedule?
A: Banner will not accept a registration that creates a credit overload without prior authorization. It is understood that an AUGUSTmester course is offered in a separate time frame from other fall courses, but Banner doesn't see it that way. To get overload permission entered into Banner to take a AUGUSTmester course, students can email with their student ID and the requested AUGUSTmester course name and CRN. It is helpful to put "AUGUSTmester Credit Overload" in the subject line. Call 907-474-7500 for additional information.

Q: What about housing during AUGUSTmester?
A: Dorm space will be available during AUGUSTmester for fall students only. Check with the Office of Residence Life for more information. 474-7247.

Q: When is payment due?
A: Payment is due the first day of class, August 10.

Q: What about dates and deadlines for AUGUSTmester?
A: August 10 - Last day to register and attendance is required.  Last day for drop with 100% refund.
      August 17 - Last day for student or faculty initiated withdrawal or change to audit with instructor permission.

Q: How do I get prepared for the first class?
A: The first day of a AUGUSTmester course is like the first week of a semester length course. In order to be prepared for the rapid pace of the course, reading is usually required prior to the start of class. The pre-course assignment can be found in the course syllabus.

Q: Do employee tuition waivers work for AUGUSTmester?
A: Yes.