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Current Newsletter-April 2018

Senior Student Reflections:

As the semester comes to end, so does my journey here at UAF. Reflecting back on my past, there has been many clubs and organization that helped me along the way. In particular, I want to give a shout out to SSS (Student Support Service), for their commitment to the students in their program. The Student Support Service is a federally funded program to help individuals with disadvantaged backgrounds (low income, first generation, and/or documented disability). Being a part of their program for five years has certainly made my time pass by with little hardship. This is because they offer a variety of workshops that expanded my knowledge and increased my expertise. Not only that, but they also offer free one on one tutoring throughout the week, computer access, free printing, and an environment similar to the library. However, the best part about joining the SSS are the staff who are always willing to help with job recommendations, job seeking, general advising, resume tips, questions and much more. I hold the SSS with the upmost regard and highly recommend every student who meets the criteria to join. Another reason a student might consider joining the SSS is the exclusive opportunity to be apart of something bigger and impactful, such as the SAC (Student Advisory Council). The SAC is made up of highly devoted students who are ambitious, devoted, and committed to making a difference in the community of Fairbanks. This involves getting to help or be a part of food drives around campus, working at youth shelter, helping prep food at the Stone Soup Café, setting a booth at the annual Starvation Gulch event, competing in a Chili Cook off competition for the United Way program, Bake Sales to help fund free breakfast in the SSS, and plenty of other opportunities. All of the current and future opportunities lay solo in the group’s interest. For example, this semester we decided to raise funds for a scholarship, exclusively for students in the SSS and we have already met this goal. Being a part of the SSS has allowed me to develop my leadership skills through the SAC and create connections that would last a lifetime. In order to truly succeed we must do more than what is expect and go beyond our limits. Join us at the SSS and together we can create a better future for our community! -Kevin F. Chang Graduating in May 2018 with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering.

Getting through the Semester - An interview with tutors Teddy & Gina

Most students agree that Spring Semester is tougher than Fall Semester, likely for various reasons. Because SSS has been hearing this from students, we’ve asked two of our most experienced tutors for their advice on a few subjects related to surviving Spring Semester. Gina is a senior and will soon be graduating with her first Bachelor’s degree. Teddy is pursuing his second Bachelor’s degree and balances family life with school. We believe that they have sound advice, so we asked them about burnout, time management when tired, and work-life balance tips, among other topics. Click here to read the full interview.

2017 High Achieving Students

Over the Spring and Fall semesters of 2017 the students of SSS achieved some pretty incredible things. During the 2018 TRiO Day students that maintained a GPA of 3.5 or higher over the course of the Spring and/or Fall 2017 semesters were recognized. Click here to see the full list of SSS high achieving students.

Meet Ellarae!

Ellarae You said you were interested in learning more about why SSS' new Academic Advisor, Ellarae Miner, chose to live in Fairbanks! Here is her response:

Originally from Oakland, California, Ellarae says she came to Fairbanks because she was "looking for something different." She loves the snow, and was curious about the Arctic, its ecosystems, and its extreme changes in seasonal light. She was and is also interested in learning more about subsistence activities and traditions, aiming to cultivate the subsistence activities that already exist in her own life.

Especially because she isn't Alaska born and raised, Ellarae knows Alaska is unique. She came to Fairbanks looking for a rural, interior Alaskan experience, and she found it. Specifically, she chose the town of Fairbanks because of the robust university system. She appreciates that this town supports student and career development as well as intellectual pursuits. But how does Ellarae think Fairbanks compares to Oakland? If she had to choose between Alaska and California, she says she would be happy in either place. She will admit, however, that the one thing she misses most is California's urban cityscape. When asked what it was that she enjoyed about the city-scape, she said it's the aesthetic of urban California -- the sights, the sounds, the concrete. "Walking around cities feels like home," she said. Ellarae misses walking down the street and hearing 15 different languages being spoken, or hearing motorcycles roar by in the middle of the night. She really does miss the concrete, even though it gave her shin splints. Luckily, she is able to run much more in Alaska. She misses the  produce, but she knows you can't pick blueberries by the gallon or go hunting 20 minutes out of town in California. She knows Oakland and Fairbanks are opposites, but she loves living in Alaska and is very happy she moved to Fairbanks.


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