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First Generation College Student

In order to qualify for SSS, a first generation college student is defined as a student whose parents or guardians do not have a 4-year bachelor's degree.

These students face different challenges than other students at UAF including knowing how to access information.

Ask An Advisor Blog is written by an experienced advisor who has worked with low-income and first generation students through SSS as in other capacities.


Limited Income Students

Students who are considered limited income may struggle to complete their Bachelor's degree in a timely manner.

Often, it can be difficult to know how to help low income students. Our certified Anti-Poverty Coach can organize and lead a discussion-style workshop for UAF faculty and staff who regularly deal with students struggling through the crisis of poverty.

To find out if you or a student you are working with would be considered limited income by Department of Education standards, click on the "Who is Eligible?" tab.

This article discusses the unequal distribution of state and federal funds for limited income students.

Find out How the Wrong Financial-Aid Policies Hurt Low-Income Students.


Students with Disabilies

SSS does not provide accommodations for students with disabilities in the classroom setting. We do provide students with access to free tutoring, peer coaching, student success classes, and comprehensive advising. Plus, we advocate for students as they work toward their degree.

There are many resources available on campus for students with disabilities. One of the first places that students should utilize is Disability Services. Click here to visit their website. Disability Services also provides information for faculty.

If you discover a barrier on campus, this link will allow you to report that barrier.

This resource from the University of Virginia provides teachers with some practical suggestions when working with students with disabilities.

Tools for Teaching and University of Michigan both offer resources that can help teachers as they accomodate students with disabilities.

Veterans can find assistance at UAF through Veterans' Services.

Off campus, veterans can find services through the Veterans' Affairs Office.

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