Before you apply...are you eligible?

Do you meet any of these criteria?


First Generation

neither parent/guardian has earned a baccalaureate degree


Limited Income

Low income guidelines for Alaska per size of family.
Effective January 2018.
Family Size Taxable Income
1 $22,770
2 $30,870
3 $38,970
4 $47,070
5 $55,170
6 $63,270
7 $71,370
8 $79,470
Add $8,100 for each additional member.

Documented Physical or Learning Disability

Examples may be:
  • You have an IEP from high school
  • You are eligible for Vocational Rehab support
  • You have a disability rating from the military
  • You already work with Disability Services at UAF
  • You are under the care of a mental health provider

If you answered YES to any of these, you qualify for SSS!

You must also be enrolled in at least six credit hours of academic study and in a Bachelor's degree program.

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