Administrative Information

In order to meet our security requirements please have your respective Security Managers forward your clearances to:

SMO code: 68912
Visit Purpose: AMS
POC: LCDR Grant T. Bryan, USN Alaskan Command J35 Maritime Plans
COMM: 907-552-4114
NIPR: grant.bryan@us.af.mil

Lodging Information

1. Lodging should be booked through DTS.

2. If you do not have access to DTS, contact LCDR Bert Pama, ALCOM J4, (elbert.pama@us.af.mil) for recommended hotels that offer the federal per diem rate.

Transportation Information

Transportation will not be provided to/from the JBER Arctic Warrior Event Center from your hotel; rental cars are recommended. Transportation to/from field movements or social events scheduled as part of the symposium will be provided. Flag Officers, Senior Executive Service (SES), or attendees on Invitational Travel Orders, please have a representative from your staff contact LCDR Grant Bryan (grant.bryan@us.af.mil) for additional coordination through 11AF Protocol.

Important Date Reminders

  • Friday, July 27: Last day to register
  • Monday, August 07: Clearance in JPAS due
  • Tuesday, August 14: Symposium Start

Anchorage Information

The following video highlights visitor information for the Anchorage area. More information is available on the Anchorage Tourism Info page for the symposium.

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