Student Investment Fund (SIF)

Student Investment Fund

The Student Investment Fund (SIF) was established in 1991. A total of $100,000 of university endowment money was given for student investment purposes. The students in SIF experience the growth and volatility of the stock market first hand.

SIF is currently worth over $980,000.

See a recent holdings report and learn more at the SIF website.

For more information about this program, contact faculty advisor Kim McGinnis at (907) 474-5218 or

Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) Fund

A Real Estate Investment Trust uses the pooled capital of many investors to purchase and manage income property and mortgage loans. They generate returns through revenue from leases, mortgages, and selling properties that have appreciated in value. REITs are traded on major exchanges, like stocks, but receive favorable tax treatment and offer attractive dividend payouts.

REIT is currently worth over $180,000.

Learn more about the REIT fund at SOM.

Bloomberg Terminals Give Students Competitive Edge

A Bloomberg Terminal is a top-of-theline computer system, providing access to Bloomberg Professional news and databases. A standard in the finance industry, nearly all financial firms have subscriptions to the Bloomberg services, and it's known for revolutionizing the way bankers, analysts, traders, and others access real-time financial information. McKinley Capital Management, LLC has gifted two Bloomberg Terminals to the Student Investment Fund (SIF). The Bloomberg Terminals at UAF give students a competitive edge over their peers at other universities and better prepare them for professional success.

Student Perspective

Every year the Student Investment Fund flies down to San Francisco to visit firms in the financial district. Here's what two SIF students had to say about the 2013 trip.

Kyla Hovda

The Student Investment Fund trip to San Francisco was amazing trip that provided me with opportunities and experiences I would never have been exposed to in Alaska. We spent our time visiting a variety of financial firms and had meetings with professionals from different financial sectors, such as wealth management, financial consulting and real estate investments.

My favorite aspect of the trip was the opportunity to speak with amazingly bright, smart and hardworking financial professionals. Talking to professionals about their education, work history, as well as their advice about life, careers and goals was an incredibly inspiring experience.


Shelbie Carlson

The trip to San Francisco was probably one of the most eye opening experiences of my college career. It can become a bit daunting just sitting in the classroom and studying out of the text book day after day. Having the chance to get out of the classroom and meet people doing the work I am studying helped me understand and appreciate what I need to do to get where I want my career to go.

I was very inspired after coming home from this trip, and am very grateful to my professor, Craig Wisen, alumnus Sam Enoka, and the people that took their time to meet with us.


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