Career Paths

Bachelor of Security and Emergency Management

Career Paths

Nearly 100% of BSEM students are employed either when they graduate or, in some cases, prior to graduation. Having a bachelor’s degree in emergency management helps the marketability of each student and it shows their focus, discipline, knowledge and experience.


  • Disaster response coordination
  • Fire departments
  • Homeland security
  • Emergency medical services
  • Program coordinators
  • Emergency management
  • Red Cross
  • Military
  • Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
  • Department of Homeland Security (DHS)
  • Local, state and federal government jobs
  • Law enforcement
  • Business continuity
  • Risk management




For me, a highlight of this program has been receiving instruction from experienced professionals who can relate the course material to practical, real-world applications. In addition, my fellow students come from a broad range of professions and offer unique perspectives. My experience in the HSEM program has broadened my own emergency dispatcher viewpoint to a more global emergency management perspective. I strongly believe this degree can provide career advancement opportunities in both the private and public sectors of emergency management.

Rachael Doniger, BSEM 2016