Hear From Our Students

Bachelor of Applied Management

Hear From Our Students

Combining technical and business training…

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Senior Compliance Program Specialist
Alyeska Pipeline Service Company
School of Management, Class of 2014

In 2008, I graduated from UAF Community and Technical College with an AAS in Process Technology. Working at Pogo Gold Mine for two years as a mill operator showed me that a higher level of education was necessary to become a part of the upper management team.

I also recognized the importance of having upper management be knowledgeable in the technical side of the business to be able to effectively plan, organize and lead a successful industrial operation. In 2010, I enrolled at UAF and began taking business classes. I quickly realized the standard business degree was not preparing me for what I wanted to do after graduation. To remedy this, in 2014, I successfully completed an Interdisciplinary Bachelor of Technology (BT) in Industry Management that utilized 30 process technology credits in combination with a UAF School of Management business curriculum. Upon graduation, I had a job offer waiting for me at the Alyeska Pipeline Service Company, one of Alaska’s industries toward which I had tailored my degree. Since accepting that position in 2014, I have been promoted three times. Alyeska recognized that I was not just graduating with a business degree; I was graduating with experience that I could apply to the workplace.

The BAM degree evolved from success stories like Erin’s!