BBA Business Administration


Minimum Requirements for Degree: 120 credits

Students must earn a C- grade or better in each course.

General University Requirements

Complete the general university requirements.

General Education Requirements

Complete the general education requirements.

As part of the general education requirements, complete:





Essential Precalculus with Applications


B.B.A. Degree Requirements

Complete the B.B.A. degree requirements. 1

As part of the B.B.A. degree requirements, complete:

BA F323X

Business Ethics


Program Requirements

AIS F310

  OR AIS F316

Management of Information Systems

   OR Accounting Information Systems


BA F307

Introductory Human Resources Management


Complete one from the following:


BA F460

International Business


BA F461

International Finance



International Economics


Additional 9 credits from ACCT, BA or ECON or a second concentration.


Complete one or more from the following concentrations (see below for more information about concentrations):



Electives may be taken as needed to meet 120 credits.



     General Business



     Sport Management

 1 As part of the B.B.A. degree requirementsBA F462 fulfills the baccalaureate capstone requirement.

Students majoring in business administration may not minor in the following: economics, finance, general business, management and organizations, marketing, sport management or the business administration track of the leadership minor.

Note: The B.B.A. degree requires 50 percent of the accounting, business administration and economics credits to be earned at UAF. Twenty-four out of the last 30 credits earned must be taken at UAF.

Note: Students may earn a B.B.A. with more than one concentration in the above areas.

Note: Only one B.B.A. degree may be earned with a major in business administration.

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BBA Business Administration Concentrations

The BBA in Business Administration offers a number of different concentrations options. Each student in this degree program must choose at least one of the following concentrations; you can find a detailed class list for each concentration on the BBA Business Administration catalog page.

Students in the finance concentration gain a deeper understanding of the financial system and financial markets, as well as the financial processes of a business. In addition, students learn about the roles of commercial banks, investment and security firms, and other financial institutions. They have the opportunity to acquire hands-on experience with equity trading in the Student Investment Fund. Finance students have multiple career opportunities in areas such as corporate financing, banking, consulting, investment, real estate and insurance. Our finance students have gone on to work with the Alaska Permanent Fund, the Alaska State Department of Revenue and Fortune 500 companies, as well as at a variety of local businesses.

Complete three of the following:

General Business

The general business concentration allows students to choose courses from multiple SOM programs to fulfill the concentration requirements. Options include courses in marketing, human resources, entrepreneurship, accounting, economics, sport management and homeland security and emergency management. This concentration can be obtained completely through online courses.

For this concentration, complete 9 credits as approved by the undergraduate director:

  • At least 6 credits must be BA courses, the rest may be select AIS, ACCT, ECON, HSEM or SPRT classes. Classes must be different than those used to meet the BBA degree and the major requirements.  Courses cannot double count.
  • At least 6 credits must be upper-division


The leadership concentration offers courses in leadership and business with the intent for students to become leaders in their field. Students will customize their concentration to meet their individual career and educational goals. Leadership students will study different perspectives of leadership development, change management and leadership research. This concentration can be obtained completely through online courses.

Complete three of the following:


The marketing concentration offers a solid background in marketing. Marketing students study every aspect of the marketing process, from marketing research and strategic planning to public relations and communication. Students learn the skills required for any marketing career and have the opportunity for customization based on their interests.

Complete three of the following:

Sport Management

The sport management concentration offers an educational track for students who desire careers in sport-related business industries. Sport management students are prepared for a variety of careers within the sport industry. Our program combines experiential learning, business coursework and community involvement to prepare students for the competitive sport job market. This concentration can be obtained online or through a combination of delivery methods.

Complete three of the following:

Sample Study Plan

The Business Administration Degree Map provides a roadmap of classes to take by semester. View the correct map for your academic path based on your enrollment year, as degree plans often change annually:

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2019/2020 Catalog

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The most beneficial part of my SOM experience was being involved in the SOM student organizations and networking events. I had hands on experiences that could not have been taught in the classroom. I learned networking, leadership and public speaking. The School of Management taught me how to get out of my comfort zone and push myself to the next level. I learned the power of conversation and networking, while making a number of important business connections along the way.

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