MS Resource and Applied Economics

If you are interested in studying natural resources, there is no better place to gain hands-on experience than at University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF). Every environmental and natural resource issue is being studied at UAF, from global warming to fisheries, from the environment to oil and natural gas.

Earn money while you live and study in America's last, great frontier. If you have a bachelor's degree and have taken calculus and intermediate microeconomics, you can apply to the Master of Science Program in Resource and Applied Economics at UAF's School of Management (SOM). We offer free tuition and teaching assistantships for most graduate students. Undergraduate study is also available.


The principal objective of the Master of Science Program in Resource & Applied Economics is to prepare students at the graduate level for research and administrative careers in the management of resource-based economies. Emphasis is placed on sound training in economic theory, the acquisition of analytical and research skills, and development of a broad knowledge of microeconomics problems relevant to Northern and Pacific Rim regions. Special emphasis is given to the acquisition of an understanding of issues pertinent to the management and development of renewable and nonrenewable resources. Individuals trained in this program will be afforded the opportunity to acquire an understanding of economic theory, research methods and their application to resource issues in general. Through the conduct of research associated with the thesis option, students gain an understanding of the actual and potential issues confronting resource-based economies.

Prospective Students

Admissions Requirements

Students may be accepted into the program subject to identified deficiencies being rectified. Unconditional acceptance into the program requires completion of:

  • Intermediate Microeconomics
  • Intermediate Macroeconomics
  • Basic Statistics
  • Calculus

For specific information on the application process please contact the MS Director, Dr.Joe Little at or call 907.474.2711.

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Degree Requirements

  1. Complete the following:
    ECON F601—Microeconomic Theory I—3 credits
    ECON F603—Macroeconomic Theory—3 credits
    ECON F623—Mathematical Economics—3 credits
    ECON F626—Econometrics—3 credits
    ECON F635—Renewable Resource Economics—3 credits
    ECON F636—Non-Renewable Resource Economics—3 credits
  2. Complete the thesis or non-thesis requirements:
    1. Complete the following:
      ECON F699—Thesis—6 credits
      Electives—6 credits
    2. Minimum credits required—30 credits
    1. Complete the following:
      ECON F698—Project—3 credits
      Electives at the F600-level—6 credits
      Electives—6 credits
    2. Minimum credits required—33 credits
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