The requirements for the Master of Security and Disaster Management (MSDM) are as follows. A total of 30 credits are required to complete the MSDM degree.  


Students may be required to take some preliminary courses before beginning the requirements for the MSDM degree.

Students without a Bachelor of Emergency Management (BEM) degree from UAF will be required to take HSEM

F412-Emergency Planning and Preparedness prior to taking HSEM F605-Community Planning; see below for course descriptions. In this case, HSEM F412 may be counted as an elective in the MSDM program.

Students without a background in homeland security or emergency management will be required to take HSEM F301- Principles of Emergency Management & Homeland Security before beginning the required MSDM coursework. HSEM F301 will not count toward the MSDM program requirements.

Core Courses

All MSDM students must complete all of the following HSEM courses. All of these are 3-credit courses; the total core requirement for the MSDM degree is 21 credits.

HSEM F601 - Legal Aspects of Homeland Security & Emergency Management

HSEM F603 - Disaster Management Policy

HSEM F605 - Community Planning in Emergency Management

HSEM F607 - Vulnerability and Protection

HSEM F609 - Human Security

HSEM F632 - Project Management

HSEM F665 - Strategic Collaboration

Elective Courses

MSDM students must complete six credits from the following elective courses; all of these are 3-credit courses. Note that any 400-level HSEM course not previously taken as an undergraduate can be taken as part of the MSDM elective requirement.

Up to six graduate level credits may be transferred from: The National Fire Academy, FBI National Academy or Command and General Staff College, or similar approved ACE graduate credit. These may substitute for up to six elective credits.

HSEM F613 - International Disaster Management

HSEM F692 - MSDM Seminar

HSEM F405 - Introduction to Emergency Management Exercise Design

HSEM F406 - Comparative Homeland Security

HSEM F407 - Comparative Emergency Management

HSEM F408 - Homeland Defense and Security

HSEM F412 - Emergency Planning and Preparedness

HSEM F423 - Disaster Response Operations and Management

HSEM F434 - All Hazards Risk Analysis

HSEM F439 - Supervising Emergency Services

HSEM F440 - Advanced Principles of Fire Service Administration

HSEM F445W,O/2 - Business Continuity and Crisis Management

HSEM F456W - Leadership in Dangerous Contexts

Capstone Course

All MSDM students must complete the following 3-credit course.

HSEM F690 - Security and Disaster Management

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